Hi all!!! plzzzzzzzzzz help!

Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by rockythepain, May 27, 2009.

  1. rockythepain New Member

    plzzz help me with my problem!
    I have a terrier-japanses spitz puppy (3 months) and he bites and nips a lot!!
    what can I do! I tried to shout, the yulp,the scarf thing(sory for that but i m hopless)
    plz give me someting it worked with your puppy if he/she was like mine!!
    thx in advance:doghuh:

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Hang in there, and keep us posted!! Is good support around here, tap into it to help you + your dog!!
  3. rockythepain New Member

    "..it is only because of inconsistency"
    These are the words I only need!! hanks I just wanted to be sure that they will work after so much time on training,not to find other ways later and say"oh,why I dindt try this before its too late"! :dogsleep:

    BTW,do biting and nipping ends at a certain age? or if it wasnt redirected it will be a habit when he grows up?
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yes, if you do not do anything about it now, it will develop into a worst problem later on. So it is great to see that you are seeking advice on this very important subject. :)
  5. rockythepain New Member

    what if my dog is stubborne and they wont work! im so afraid because I have him since 2 months , and each time he bites I say "no,bad boy" and the thing make me wonder is why he learned "down " in 2 days and no biting not yet done!!!:dogwacko:
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    What is his reaction when you say 'no, bad boy'? You may have to play with your tone and volume of your voice to get your point across. And of course, you must be saying it just as it happens, not later.
  7. sarhaspups New Member

    Have you tried just giving him something he IS allowed to chew on? You can even play with him with that toy and say yes good boy. It is correcting the behavior without using words, exchanging your hand for a toy. Took my puppy 2 days to get that and he hasn't mouthed me since. Maybe that'll work.
    Good luck!
  8. rockythepain New Member

    my tone is like yelling a bit(high vloume) and sometimes like I had enough from him!! and I tried the yelp thing and say bad boy and nth worked!!!:doghuh:

    I always play with him using his allowed toySSSSS, when he bites I try to give him his toy,sometime he took it and i say "good boy",the other times he wont and crowl on my pants and wont let go!!!:dogohmy: and if I used my hands to remove his teeth and say bad boy he start barking and nipping!!!
    any other thoughts,or my puppy is hopeless!!:dogsad:
  9. sarhaspups New Member

    No no, not hopeless!! :)
    I wouldn't use a high pitched correction. Use a low from your gut grawl. He's likely to understand that more clearly than a high pitched tone.
    If he bites you and you try to give him a toy but he won't engage the toy and persists on using you as a chew toy, i would pick him up and give him a time out in his crate. Just for 5 minutes. When you let him out, engage play with him, with a toy. Repeat if you have too.
    Or you could also try using bitter apple. You can get it at petsmart/ petco, most pet stores. If he bites you , say "no bad bite" and squirt it a little. Most dogs don't like it but some do. Will only take a couple of times tasting that stuff and that might help break the habit quickly. Or if you dont want to squirt it in his mouth you can put it on your clothes and skin and when he bites he will taste it.
    Timing is everything when trying to break bad behaviors.
  10. rockythepain New Member

    actually I used to put him in the crate for a while when he bites,but when i felt that its not working for a long time(like he wont bite me for 2 days,oh its my dream) i tried another ways,i'll get back to it:dogtongue2:
  11. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Maybe you've tried so many things he hasn't really processed anything. The first method you used may have been just sinking in when you gave up and tried something else. This happens so often, which is why so many puppies become adult dogs who are mouthy. Just be patient, stick with whichever method works best for him, and as Sarha mentioned and the link I posted above mentions, always give him something acceptable to chew on. Just because he stops chewing your hand doesn't mean he doesn't still need to chew.

    Personally I do not believe in using crates for time-outs. Dogs typically do not understand this concept, and it still doesn't help his urge to chew something. Plus, the purpose of crate training is for puppy to have a safe, happy place, and time-outs in it creates a negative association with it.

    The tips listed in the link I added in my first reply will work. :) I promise. With consistency, anything listed in that link will work on your puppy. Find one that works or that you like and STICK WITH IT. No other methods at all, because he will just become confused. He will get out of this stage, don't worry. Just stick to it and keep your chin up. :)
  12. rockythepain New Member

    lol ok' i'll stick a bit to the ignore thing, and the crate will be my last resort,and i'll use the cold rag a lot from now and on. and i hope i will see results soon!!!:dogwub:

    but want help with the 1st method,when i ignore him he just keep pulling my pant over and over again,what to do,stay calm or try to leave the room??
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I would use a sharp(but not YELLING) "Ah-ah!"/"Aaaah!" remove your hand, and immediately give him an appropriate chew toy. (This means having a chew toy always within reach.) Entice him to play with it, throw it if you have to, and make a huge deal about it. "Gooood boy!!!! What a good boy!" Petting, loving, etc. If he starts nipping again, immediately shut off the happy voice and go back to sharp, firm, "Aaah!", repeating the same thing as above. Again, goooood boy, yippee, and whatnot....lol. Stick to it--everytime he bites, you need to follow this to a T. In time he will stop the biting. :) If he starts to bite your pants leg, same thing--"Ah-ah!", throw toy, praise. Step away if you need to. Remember that the "Aaah!" should be sharp and firm, but not yelling. Growly but not screaming at him. You may have to randomly place toys all around the house, or carry one with you all the time. Hope this helps.
  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Another thing to remember is that both terriers and spitz breeds are known for being very stubborn dogs. :) So you've got some work ahead of you!
  15. rockythepain New Member

    oh,thats just great!!!:msniwonder: but after all,when he stops biting i will enjoy playing with him all the day1!:msnhugegrin:
    thx again
  16. sarhaspups New Member

    Not saying anything to the dog and putting him in a crate is more affective than yelling at it. MY opinion!
    If you put them in their crates without yelling or making it a negotive place, its not associated as a negotive place. A time out just gives the puppy a minute to calm down and you can start fresh when you let them out.
  17. rockythepain New Member

    guyz their is a remarkable improvement in kooky,he is not nipping and biting a lot!!! and he is understanding the "no" thing more than before, specially when i have eye-contact with him! thx a lot friends i appreciate it so much!! :)
  18. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Great!!!! :) Be consistent and he will get the idea. Keep us posted, and good luck! Congrats!!
  19. trudy New Member

    i have a border collie puppy. when he nips me or my children i remove him from the room and close the door. count to 10 and let him back in the room. do not talk to him or praise him.it has worked fantastic for me. now Mylo dont do it and he is only 17 weeks.

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