Heya Everyone!


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Hi there!

My name is Cam and recently I adopted a puppy from the BCSPCA named Memphis. She's about 14 weeks old now and she'll be starting puppy kindergarten this Thursday.

I'm really glad one of my neighbours referred me to this site! I started her on some basic obedience (sit, stay, down, shake...) but am hoping to do more with her. She has up high (jumping up to touch my open palm with her nose/paw) and turn (spin counter clockwise) down as tricks. :)

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
First day after I adopted her... got her a box to sit in at work. :D



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SQUEAL! TOO CUTE!!!! Do ask your vet about how high your baby dog can or should be jumping. I never knew it, but, turns out, baby dogs should not be jumping up high, can set them up for hip or knee troubles later in life.

I *think* a dog has to be 18 to 24 mos old to do jumping. I could be wrong on that, ask your vet.

Welcome! You'll find lotsa great tricks here. And GOOD ON YOU for rescuing a baby dog in need! yay!!


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//"A small dog jumping off a bed or sofa risks injury at any age. Puppies have undeveloped bones, joints and muscles that put them at risk of injury and permanent damage. Dogs with long backs and short legs are easily injured by jumping. Repeated jumping off furniture can cause cumulative orthopedic damage, and geriatric dogs have greater healing difficulty."//


Of course, not everything on the internet is true.:rolleyes:



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Welcome to DTA! It's WAY better than Facebook! Congratulations on adopting Memphis! I'm always for adopting dogs. I got my dog Shivon (Lab/Whippet) from the Toronto Humane Society. I think the next tricks you should teach her are play dead, roll over, and high ten. (teach her roll over after play dead, so she knows the first step)