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    Hello all!!
    Just a basic intro!
    My name is Rachel, and im 14 years old.
    I have a spastic beagle hound called Jake, who is just under 2 years old. When my family and i first got him, he was out of control. He didnt listen to a WORD we had to say to him, he dug up every inch of reticulation from the garden, and little trenches started appearing everywhere. It was caotic. My mother went on a great 'garden saving journey' and began bringing home every booklet, DVD and magazine claiming to help prevent your dog from ruining things. Finally my Father found a dog obedience club, and last year he took Jake to his first beginners lesson and it was a complete DISASTER!! We came home and that night, Jake chwewed up every scrap of plant, reticulation, watering cans, clothes on the washing line, EVERYTHING! My father lost it, saying he was ging to have to get rid of him, and i was left to take him to his lessons. It was a LONG slow process.. But by the end of the month, i could get jake to heel, sit, and do a basic sit-stay!! It was amazing! We passed the obediance assesment with 'flying colours' (as described by our instuctor) and got the second highest mark in the class of about 30 dogs! :dogbiggrin: I went on to take Jake to class one, and he was BRILLIANT! He learnt to heel, sit, sit-stay, lie-down, stand, and he does a basic 'come' on lead. i 'privately' have taught him to down-stay, shake, jump thorugh a hoop and over a pole, and, more recently, beg. We are in the process of learning 'through' which is where he weaves through my legs as i walk.c Im so proud of him, as he IS a beagle, but he tries really hard and we all love him to bits!


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