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Hey everyone,
I am new here and I love all kinds of dogs.
So far I have only posted one photo and that was a long time ago so now my dog is 6 years old and a very big one to. I am home schooled and my family and i are going to move to Costa Rica. I have been to 13 different countries and so far I am loving it. If you have looked at sone other stuff about me you should know that I am 11 years old. But some people look at me and see a young and disobedient child so i hope that maybe one or two of you people out there will see the real me. I love teaching young and old dogs new and old tricks.

Jean Cote

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Hi Erin! Welcome back to the DTA, looks like you joined a couple of months ago, glad to see you back! :dogsmile: It looks to me like you are a nice boy who just want to learn and spend time with his dogs, all good stuff! :dogsmile:


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yeah i know that i joined a long time ago but i forgot all about it so when i started teaching my dog again i remembered again.:dogwink: