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  1. tunnels97 New Member

    My name is Erin I am 12 years old and am signing up to teach
    are new dog "Nanie" how to be respectful and patient with all of us.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Erin, welcome to the Academy! Glad to see that you are interested in dog training, it's really fun once you figure out how to do it. :)
  3. princessbride029 Well-Known Member

    Hi Erin! Welcome to the forum! What kind of dog is Nanie? I'm sure she will LOVE training with you! :dogsmile:
  4. tunnels97 New Member

    Thank you

    Thank you so much. How old are you?
    By the way Nanie is a dachshund. And she
    is only 3 years old. But she is so cute.
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    Hi Erin, welcome to you and Nanie. It's so very good of you to decide to help Nanie learn to be calm and polite. This is a great thing to help work on with and adult around the house to take turns and be sure that Nanie understands that kids are the same as adults when she is asked nicely to do something. With an adult watching it’s also easy to discuss ideas on what works and doesn't work and come up with a plan together so that Nanie succeeds.

    There are a few other people on that have new little doxies in their homes and a lot of doxie lovers too. Maybe some of them will speak up on their own particular training issues. I know Jenclerm is doing very well training her doxie and going to dog class. Dog classes are a very good way to let your dog learn how to meet other dogs calmly and teaches humans how to act when their dogs meet other people and dogs. Sometimes the dogs know more and we have to catch up. Other times the dogs haven't met many other dogs and might be a little shy and not sure what to do. In a class your dog learns how in a safe place with an instructor that knows how to teach such things. Here's a link with some information from one of the big experts Dr Ian Dunbar on finding a good puppy class. It really is so much fun to go to puppy kindergarten and see all the puppies play and learn how to be polite to each other.

    Tell your parents or whatever adult takes you and goes to the class with you that you want a positive trainer that does reward based training. You set Nanie up to succeed when you reward and praise what you do want her to do. If she does something you don't want, like chewing on a shoe you can trade it for a very fun toy like a squeaky toy and she'll leave the shoe and go for playing with you and the toy which is much more fun. Then you can tell her what a clever girl she is. You just don't want a trainer that is to strict with the dogs and gets upset. That can scare a puppy, especially a young one. http://dogstardaily.com/training/what-makes-good-puppy-class-dr-ian-dunbar

    The classroom here is really nice and does a great job explaining kind and gentle ways to get your puppy to just be hopping to please you. It's only $3 which is less money than any books or classes. There are also nice free couple of positive training down loads and a really neat video I'll give you links to.

    I went to my first puppy class 4 years ago and I've had so much fun that I've gone to classes every since. You may not go that much but those first classes with you will help build confidence and you'll have a happy puppy.

    Just remember to not scream really loud around a new puppy and don't run really fast if he gets excited and chases you. For a while until he learns to not be quite so excited you much teach by example to be calm and quiet and he will learn too. Later as he gets a little older and you'll be able to tell he's calmer you can go back to running with him now that he knows not to jump or get too excited.

    Last two things are don't bother puppies when they eat, don't scare them when they are asleep, and don't hug them too tight. Some puppies think tight hugging is a little rude until they know you better. I hope you have lots of fun and I'll look forward to hearing what new things Nanie is learning from the classroom. :dogtongue2:
  6. princessbride029 Well-Known Member

    Hi again Erin! My dog Cassidy is a Golden Retriever puppy, and she is almost 6 months old. I am 26 years old. :dogcool:

    I hope you enjoy the forum! Talk to you later,

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