Hey y'all from Alabama!


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Hey everyone! I've had dogs ever since I was born, and I've loved animals all my life. Growing up, I wanted to be a vet, but as I got older I realized I hated science and couldn't do the whole surgery thing....so I became an accountant haha! My dream is to start a Doggie Day Care business. This idea came out of my communications class in college when we had to come up with something to sell to the class and write a speech on it....so I came up with "Doggie Day Care". It started as a joke, but as I kept writing, the more I thought to myself, "I would love to actually do this". (Once I figure out how to embed a video, I will post the promo video I made for it!) So, if ever all the planets and stars are aligned and I get a once in a lifetime opportunity to start my own business - I'll have to take it.

My current fur-baby (and inspiration for my dream business) is Lily - she's a 2 year-old (red, short hair) miniature dachshund. She's got the biggest brown eyes that you can't help but fall in love with, and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body...she's never growled, barked, or snapped out of anger - ever. We started clicker training when she was about 6 months old through the PetSmart puppy obedience classes. Thus far, she has learned sit, down, leave it, drop it, high five, roll over, and play dead. All of which need a good bit of perfecting. First, I have to explain that I'm from Alabama and a huge University of Alabama football fan. So....her "roll over" is actually "Roll Tide" and her "play dead" is "Would you rather die or go to Tennessee?" :dogwink: We are currently working on the "shy" trick (which is more "ashamed" than "shy") with an Alabama twist -- her cue is "War Eagle" hehehe! The things that I really need to work on with her is "come", "stay", and #1....getting her to not bark when people come over.

Out of all our dogs in the past, Lily is the only one that has had any form of training -- mostly because she's the only one that I've been old enough to raise myself. It has been so rewarding for the both of us, and now that I've finished school and moved into my own house, I've been eager to spark up her training again.


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:welcome::welcome: WHAT A CUTIE DOG!!!

You will like this website, keep coming back! You sound like you are doing great at training!!