Hey there!


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Hey everyone!
I'm Possm, and I just joined right now. I've had a dog for a few years now and she knows a few tricks. Her name is Maisie, and she's part beagle, part who knows what.
I'm doing an "I-Search" paper for my English class on something that we would like to learn how to do, and I finally chose to teach Maisie how to beg. I need at least twelve sources, and I found this site and knew right away that this would be a great place. Help me out! I only have until Tuesday to come up with all of my sources.

Jean Cote

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Hi Possm!

Welcome to the academy!

There is a beg lesson already written and recorded, available in the classroom.

I'm not sure what you are asking when you say that you need twelve sources, sources about what?