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Hi everyone,

I am new here and it looked like a great and inviting forum so I decided to join. We have two 8 month old shih tzu who both know the basic commands (sit, stay, drop it, etc.)

One of them knows Rll Over while the other will not roll over at all, consequently, he will jump through a small hoop when the other will not. I would love to be able to take my dog (his name is Shadow) and teach him more tricks, and my family will teach Sparky (the other dog) stuff too, I kinda want Shadow to be a little more advanced at tricks than his brother, :dogwub: Is that bad? :dogrolleyes:

So, what other tricks do you think I can teach shadow? Any trick that shihtzus are really good at?

Thanks! Glad to be here!


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I think i've heard that shih tzus were hard to train, maybe i heard wrong, or, maybe you are reeally good at dog training!! (Plus, all dogs are unique!) SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE OFF TO A GOOD START!!!

I take it that Shadow is YOUR dog, and the other dog is the family pet, then?

How about "Are you shy?" (the dog rubs/sorta covers his eyes with his paws) People always coo at that one. Makes your dog seem charming. To find out how, there are a few different ways to teach this one, To find the instructions, Go to the "lounge" sign, click on it, then go to the "TRICKS" section, there are lotsa ideas there!
The "shy?" trick is discussed near the top of the SECOND page of trick ideas.

Or, sign up for the classroom section, there are videos there showing step by step how teach dozens of various tricks.

Let us know if you need any further help with any of the tricks!!!!
Of course, a solid recall, that they come when called, is a good #1 trick to teach, for safety reasons. There are lots of topics on that one, let us know if you can't find the thread about teaching a dog to come when called.

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Hi! Welcome to the forums!

My mom has a shih tzu, congratulations on getting 2 puppies! Best thing you can train a dog to do is to LOVE retrieving. Once you've put this behavior in at an early age, it will be SO easy to exercise your dog.

You may want to search the forums for how to do this, but first thing is you want to associate MASSIVE PLEASURE to balls. Make it like it's christmas morning and there is a million dollars in the present <-- literally.