Hey all


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There's never been a moment in my life where I haven't had a dog. My older sister had gotten a dog from a shelter not long after I was born so I was raised with her and she ended up being my best friend. I've had the pleasure of raising many dogs since then, at one time owning 9 all at once. I currently just have one, my Siberian Husky, Duchess. I love her to death but shes very stubborn and has obedience issues, however, I'm hoping with the help of this site I can help her work past them and even teach her a few fun tricks!


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:welcome: Ha, sounds like your dog is pretty clever!! There are very talented people on this website, post your specific issue in the proper area, maybe under "behaviour" and someone will spot it and help you!
the more details you provide, the better the advice you get back will be!! GOOD LUCK!!