He's staying! It's official!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by lexio2, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. lexio2 New Member

    He's staying!

    I conceded and we're keeping the name Baxter. ( :( ) Oh well, at least i get to keep the dog. :D

    He's going in Friday for a dental and x-rays while he's out.

    Still pulling a mean Kate

    every once in a while he gets it!



    Shiner hanging out with his aunt. He'd never let ME hold him like that.

    the gang!

  2. johnveryveryveryverylongname Well-Known Member

    What a cutie! And look how big his tongue is, hehe. :dogsmile: You are so lucky to have so many great dogs with you, I'm jealous. Border collies are my favorite breed of dogs in the world, but they require so much love and attention. :) You must be a very loving person to accept 5 dogs in your life. Oh, and thank you for sharing those lovely pictures with us. :dogwink:
  3. lexio2 New Member

    Luckily only 4 of the dogs are actually mine. Koda, the dog on the far right in the last picture, belongs to my sister and lives with her in Akron.

    Also luckily for me, two of my dogs, Qwill and Shiner being BC mixes and having hip displasia, are very calm and laid back - NOT typical BC behavior!

    And finally, one of my jobs is at a doggie day care center, so I can take one dog with me every day (not Baxter, yet. Usually Trophy who isn't a BC at all, just a wannabe!) and that helps to wear one out completely everyday.

    I love my boys! I'm at my limit tho, physically, mentally, and financially! :)
  4. dat123 Experienced Member

    Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

    Can't have enough BC's :dogbiggrin:
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    :msnparty: CONGRADULATIONS!! lovely dogs!!!

    Baxter is an okay name, but, it does not traumatize a dog to change it's name,:dognowink: they really don't care-- if YOU really don't like it.

    but, if you are already in that habit, it probably WOULD be hard for YOU to change it.

    Ha, Craig named Buddy, not me, not really, i wanted a fancier or cuter name really, and almost changed Buddy's name twice....i wanted to name him Barrack, cuz i like the name, and we found out about him on election day, Nov 4th, and he is black and white and really smart!! But Craig said no, and i worried it might seem disrespectful...so my awesome dog got a plain ol name like Buddy. (That is almost like naming a dog Fido or Spot, bah ha ha!)

    But, most people when they meet him, call him "Hey ya, Buddy. What is his name?" and always act surprised they guessed it correctly.:msngiggle:
  6. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Congratulations, very nice dog!
    And your gang is lovely! :)
  7. lexio2 New Member

    I was all for changing his name, but my parents like the name Baxter for some odd reason. He knows Baxter is his name at this point, so i just relented.

    I know changing names isn't that hard, Qwill was originally "Speckles" if you can imagine such an awful name for such a gorgeous dog. (No offence if you named a dog Speckles!!) I just hate cookie cutter, run of the mill, go to the dog park and there are 6 other dogs with the same name, dog names. Have some inspiration! It's not going to highschool, it can't be picked on by bullies becuase it has a silly, unique name! I have a dog named Apostrophy for goodness sake! :-P

    But anyway, thank you all for your kind words! Keep your fingers crossed that his hips are normal, i have big disc dog plans in his future and i will be crushed if he has HD and i have to put the discs away. :(
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WISH YOU WERE AROUND here when Craig named our new dog "Buddy" of all things!! :dogblush: Even the vet, when he was oohing and Ah-ing over our magnificent dog, when he asked, "What have you named him?" and when we told him "buddy" he looked at us, like, "No for real, what did you name this great dog?" :slap:I elbowed Craig, like "See?":dognowink:

    Another name i batted around was "Almost" from the movie, Apocolypto, when that one guy is named "Almost" cuz the other guy almost killed him. Cuz Buddy was ALMOST put down.

    Then my daughter pointed out, "Can you picture yourself standing outside yelling: ALMOST COME!" :ROFLMAO: Or, "ALMOST look at me!" and so on..:msngiggle:
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    "almost come" lol my nan has a dog called catherine (didnt name her she came with it)
    buts whats funny is her neighbours teenage daughter is called catherine too, both seem to have no ears at times but when my nan first got her, she was calling and calling catherine and yelling not to go near the water (she has a creek out the back of her place and we take the dogs down there sometimes) and her nieghbour asked her mum "why is the lady next door yelling my name out" my nan did explain when we had to go get catherine (our pek) from under there house shes like a little worm she can fit out of any hole but know shes happy here so she dont like to escape now

    lexio congrats on the new family member you certainly do have your hands full now, but its good you can tire out one dog a day saves you abit of time after work and gives you more with the ones that didnt go that day
  10. desertranger New Member

    I know Baxter and I know this girl.

    Hi Lexio, hugs from me 'n Jin.
  11. lexio2 New Member

    haha! Hi DR! :)
  12. sarhaspups New Member

    Congrats!! He's very handsome!! Enjoy!!
  13. snooks Experienced Member

    CONGRATS from me too...what a beautiful crew!! :dogsmile:
  14. jazzycat New Member

    Wow lexio! What a beautiful pack! Congrats on the new addition!

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