Hero Was On The Local News :d


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WOW, FANTASTIC!! Sara, you did a great job of promoting trick training:D i'm so stoked you mentioned you do not spend your entire life training tricks, or rather, that it CAN BE done in short lessons each day (cuz so many ppl seem to falsely believe trick training takes 40 hours a week:rolleyes: or something)

GREAT INTERVIEW!!! WOW, SARA, ARE YOU ON YOUR WAY OR WHAT!! Loved that they called Hero "a youtube sensation"!! I smiled so big to hear that!!:D


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AWESOME!!!! LOCAL NEWS!!! Next up for you and Hero, talk shows!!!!!:D And then, WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! LOL:ROFLMAO: Hero is a youtube sensation!!!! Wow!!!! AWESOME!!!:LOL: Can you mention us (DTA)??? LOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: