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    i was wondering if anyone out there has don any herding training with there dogs. i have a 6 month old border collie and i want to do herding with him. i live in southern California and dont know where to find a good trainer, i have never done this before. if any one knows of one or how to find one please let me know. i hope to hear your input. :dogbiggrin:

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  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Where did you get your dog from? Some border collie breeders do herding with their dogs and are more than willing to teach you how to do it! :)
  4. dakotamom421 New Member

    the breeder i got him from had just moved into the area and they dont do herding with his parents, but they said his gandpa was from whales and he was a working dog. I have friends that have sheep and i have taken him to "play" and he loves it but i dont know how or what to and i dont want him or the sheep to get hurt so he cant go in with them. that is why i am lookig for a trainer, for dakotas safty and i dont want to mess him up. and thanks collieman for the link if i cant find any thing closer i will have to go there but its about 2 hours away.
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    Oh I think if you could get him into herding it would be so wonderful! That would be the absolute most fun thing in the world for a border collie and will be a tremendous drive outlet for him. perhaps you can just look in the local directory for any dog trainers and start inquiring from there? Hopefully some dog trainers in your area may know which among them does herding. If you could contact dog trainers who train/teach any of the dog sports - like agility, rally, obedience. Herding is also an organized sport so maybe those trainers into the canine sports would be more likely to know someone or be involved themselves. Good luck!!
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    thanks, actually one of the reasons why i decided to get a border is because i am in school to be an AG Teacher and i wanted a working dog, and i have always loved the breed. and eventually after i find a trainer and work with them i want to get a small flock of sheep so i can work with him at home. right now he has to settle with Keeping the neighbors rooster away from my chickens.:dogbiggrin:

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