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.One of my Saints (2 yrs. old) just lost her mother image (a 5 year old Newfie.) Although I water train, and some obedience (not yet competitive) I am at a loss for my present situation. After an accident, I am temporarily housebound and bedbound, almost. I clicker small obedience exercise but she is used to running outright. I need something to keep her from mourning and new and fun for both of us. In 40 yers. I have never been in this position. HELP. I hope I am among friends. TexMex


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Hi and welcome!!! Training is a good way to wear her out mentally. Try lots of targetting--for instance, this month's challenge is cross paws. Check out the health forum for the post that says something about tricks for a bedridden dog...something like that. Can't remember the exact title, but it's asking for tricks for a Boxer about to have knee surgery. The tricks listed there are good for both bedridden dogs and owners, and wouldn't be hard for you to do. It would still get her mind going though. :) Good luck and get well!!