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  1. wesker New Member

    my dog pees in my house

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    You have posted this question 3 times in this forum.
    And I have answered it twice.
    You really sshould read them.

    And maybe you could use google, there are thousands of websites that are about housebreaking.
  3. 4bella New Member

    Try crate training. It takes alot of patience and time. I housebroke my dog in 2 weeks with this method. When I first brought her home I kept her in it so she wouldn' have free reign of the house.That way I could always keep an eye on her. When I let her out of the crate I took her straight outside. I waited outdoors with her til she did her business or 20 minutes,whichever came first. If she pottied I praised her and gave a treat...if not then I said nothing,took her back in and straight to the crate she went.I also did not keep her food sitting out all day. I would keep her feeding times to the same hour of each day,and would only feed her twice a day.After 2 weeks of this she finally got it. I know some people may not like to keep their puppies in crates but it doesnt hurt them.If you make the crate their "comfy place" they wont potty where they sleep and this makes it easier to train. Hope this helps:msngrin:
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    Get Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer or Way to Go they have great detail, are positive, and best of all it works. You really would go faster with a crate, they are not mean and my pup always goes in eager because I've hidden and placed great treats in there.

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