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  1. sfangel New Member

    How do I keep my puppy from grabbing the food and water bowls and carrying them through the house. Is there a style of bowls that make this difficult to accomplish? :dogunsure:

  2. splitz831 New Member

    Is the puppy doing it when they are full? Because if they are empty and it's taking them it might be because it wants more and is trying to find more. I know my girls take their bowls and bang them on the floor if I'm too late getting them dinner at night and my male will take his water bowl to the kitchen to be filled up when it is empty. I do have water bowls that are in a little metal holder, it is very difficult to tip or bit the edge of, perhaps that will help but I suggest trying to figure out why the puppy is moving them in the first place.
  3. leema New Member

    Clover likes to carry things. She does not carry metal bowls that are like this:
    Because she can't get her mouth around them or under them.
    I have a big one like this for water and taught her not to dig in it.

    Any other bowl I put down she picks up and carries around.
  4. sfangel New Member

    I think she's picking them up when she wants more. I'll try the metal bowls you suggested Leema. Thanks for you input.
  5. fickla Experienced Member

    Ceramic bowls might also be too heavy to pick up, otherwise just put the dishes away after they eat :)
  6. dreamr802 New Member

    I have bowls that are suctuioned cuped to the kitchen floor. They work really well and it keeps the bowl in one place so she doesn't have trouble getting to all of the food. When she wants more she bangs her paw on the bowl.
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    don't move away from the cabinet until he lies down. if u move and he breaks set them back down. he needs to learn that staying put gets what he wants and moving makes it go away. ask him to wait at a distance while you set things down and not move until u release. if he does pick up and walk away. it may take a while but IF you are consistent it WILL work. both my dogs go lie in their spots when I touch the food bowls. they don't get up until i give release. "free"

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