Help With Toilet Training My 1 Yr Old Dog


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Hi all,

I have a 1 year old jack russel x maltese who i still have trouble with toilet training. I normally tell her to go "pee pee"or "poo poo" in the morning at a designated area inside the house. When she was younger she would go on command or within a few minutes of that command and I'd always reward her with treats straight afterwards (i still do that now).
The the problem is i could never really get her to go poo in her area, she would always go poo on a rug elsewhere. And its not just one specific rug anymore lately she'll poo on almost all the rugs in the house. It also seems that when her toileting area is damp or full (i use two sheets of puppy pads, placed next to each other)she wont go and will wait for me to change it before she'll go.
I've bought those odor remover sprays and use it generously each time she poops on the rug(i think thats why she's moved onto a different rug coz the scent from the orginal rug is no longer there) I also tried punishing her where i say "No" and point her head to the poo so she knows, and then picking up the poop and putting it into her toilet area and use a calm voice and say "poo poo here".

I've read elsewhere from people with similar problems that its a leadership issue, where the dog doesn't see the owner as the leader and believes he/she can do its business where ever it pleases. If this is the case can i have some pointers as to how i can be the alpha.

Another thing that i would like to get some pointers on is how to encourage my dog to pee/poo outside, because shes never done that even with me encouraging and going for walks and also with my other dog showing her as example.


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Well, this is excactly why I never use puppypads...
First off all, I don't think it is a leadership thing. Dogs just wont do their business in a place that smells nasty. My dogs won't poop anywhere where there is a lot of poop, or smell off it eather.
By training her on puppypads, she thinks this is the only place she can go(or the rug). I think the only way to train her to go outside is, to take a puppypad and place it outside.
When you see her wanting to go to the bathroom, pick her up and put her outside, on the puppypad. Heavily reward for going outside!!!! When she starts to go on the pads outside, you can start making the pad smaller and smaller.
It will take a lot of effort getting an older dog to go outside, but it can be done.


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i so so so agree with Anneke, potty training is not a "leadership" issue! at all.

Be sure to get some enzymatic cleansers, as well. Sometimes, dogs are stimulated to post a reply somewhere, if they smell peepee.



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Ditto everything that's been said.
Also, as for pointing her head to the area and scolding her, that will accomplish nothing. If you are catching her IMMEDIATELY after soiling or during the act, she will make the connection, but if you're doing it after it's been a few minutes, hours, etc, she doesn't have a clue what you're scolding her for. Dogs have extremely short memories. Peeing on the rug 5 minutes ago was a very insignificant event and she really doesn't remember it, so scolding her for it then doesn't do anything but scare her because she's being scolded and doesn't know why.
Regardless, a positive approach will get much better results. :)

If she no longer consistently relieves her self on cue ("Pee pee"/"Poo poo" commands), then quit using them. Come up with something new, since you are essentially starting her training over so she will potty outside. Hurry up, potty time, anything different from the old commands that she no longer responds to.

Definitely not a leadership issue. :) The video Tigerlily linked is great, and all the advice given above will help you. If you need further advice, this thread should help as well.

Good luck, and cute dogs! :)


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for toilet training iv not bothered with pads or paper. just take her straight outside as soon as she wakes, has been fed or is showing any sign of needing to go.


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I don't like puppy pads for that reason. :(

I like to keep my dogs on a feeding schedule so I know when they have to poo... This might be something you can look into if you aren't already doing so.

I would suggest you bring the puppy pad outside, and make it smaller and smaller like Anneke suggested. It is a great idea!

When you walk her outside, you will have to walk her until she goes potty. Be patient! it might take a while the first few days since she hasn't been going outside regularly. And, once she does go potty, don't immediately bring her back inside. walk her around a little bit or else she will purposely hold it in because she will think that when she goes potty she goes back inside.

When you can't watch her, put her in a crate or exercise pen so she doesnt go while you're not around. When you are home and she is out, you really just have to watch her like a hawk! Like TX_cowgirl said above, don't scold your dog when she has an accident. It's most likely your fault she had an accident. (please don't take that offensively. From my own personal experience, when my foster dogs have accidents, it's usally because I wasn't watching them. :)

Good luck with the potty training! :D


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you could possibly also use a que word when taking the dog out, i say hurry up to the pup and she goes and then as she is going i say 'good girl' before engaging her in play. i will not however engage her in play until she has been toilet, she now goes toilet as soon as shes outside.