Help With Eddies Boredom Please! =)


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Hey everyone,

Unfortunatley My little Eddie decided to jump over a gate and badly cut open his paw, so bad he needed an operation and needs to be re-bandaged every 3 days, he did it 2 weeks ago now and with him being a Border Collie and not being able to go out and get rid of all his energy he is a very fed up bored little puppy =( It will be a few more week before it is fully healed!

So I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on things to keep him occupied and unbored! It has to be something that doesn't need much cost (As we are moving house in a few week as well as it being christmas!) Lol and obviously nothing that involves a lot of movement on his leg! Lol I know this is very tricky to think about, I bought him a huge bone which he loved..but after a while got bored of it, so if anyone has any Ideas me and Eddie would be very very grateful =)

Thankyou =)



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awwwwwwww, poor lil guy! boy, have YOU come to the right place!:D
You can look over the "CLASSROOM" to see if any of those, short easy to follow tutorials are tricks that Eddie can do. It's up above, at top of each page.

Also, do peruse Tricks in the forums.

You could teach him a card trick? No moving req'd, let me know if u want instructions, is not that hard.
Other tricks i can think of that don't use back legs:

Are you Shy? (covers eyes with front paws)

Smile!:D (i personally LOVE this trick, so easy, you 'capture' and reward his smiles)

"Show me your good side" (turns head to one side, holds pose for a second or two, and is absolutly adorable)

Stacking bowls:

You could also teach him toy names, line up the toys and have him nose the toy you ask for.

There's lots of other tricks which are sedentary, so stand by, this thread will fill up!! lol, we can help you keep his MIND busy, if nothing else! Let us know if you would like some step by steps for a trick which is not in the CLASSROOM, someone around here will know how to train it.:)



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tip: it might be easier for little Eddie, if you DO decide to teach more than one trick in a given week, that you separate out the two tricks into different lessons, or at least separate them out by inserting well known cues in between the two NEW tricks.

also, i think it is easier for the dog if you choose different types of tricks, like "smile" and "stacking bowls" are very different tricks, and could be taught in same week.
Like, not two head-move tricks, nor two paw-move tricks all at same time, kinda thing.


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lol, i have not taught that "stacking bowls", but, i have taught "pick up toys",
which *may* be similar?? (not sure)
but here's how i taught "pick up toys"---->

my point there is, i suspect, you might start with target bowl right under Eddie's mouth, put 2nd bowl into Eddie's mouth, and as he drops it, it will hit target bowl, and you c/t.
and then,
when Eddie realizes, "mom likes it when this here 2nd bowl goes into target bowl":D
then, begin to lower your hand which is holding 2nd bowl, down lower, instead of right in front of Eddie's mouth,

and then, you now offer 2nd bowl from over to the side of target bowl, (so Eddie now has to turn his head to drop 2nd bowl into target bowl.....)

and then, 2nd bowl is sitting on your palm on the flooor, ( so now, Eddie is picking up 2nd bowl, instead of being handed it)

and then, 2nd bowl is on the floor, with your hand next to it,

and then, 2nd bowl is on floor beside target bowl, and you are pointing at 2nd bowl,
and so on.

then you can add in 3rd bowl, and 4th bowl, and so on.

Over time, you can have target bowl over to one side, if you prefer, etc. Eddie can't get up to collect bowls from all over the floor, though, so you'd have to leave all the bowls where he can reach them all without walking around.
not sure though,:ROFLMAO: stand by, there's several ppl here who HAVE taught this trick.

ANOTHER VARIATION, or very similar trick, is,
putting rings onto a stick. sometimes, it's done in random order, using large rings and a skinny stick, doesn't matter which ring goes on first........if Eddie was not in a cast, overtime, you'd have Eddie running around the room to collect the rings to put them on a stick, but, that part will have to wait til his cast is off.

and sometimes, ppl buy that baby toy, with each ring has to be on in proper order, largest ring first. I guess you'd need a SHORT stick, so Eddie won't have to stand up to get the rings on.


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He is doing good thanks, had all his stitches out now and the Vet said it should be fully healed before christmas!!! So not much more boredom for Eddie =) Thanks for asking x

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How about setting him challenges around the house to make him think. I have been teaching Grace how to open a cupboard door all week. I had tied a rope onto 2 cupboard doors in the hope she would use her mouth but she prefers her paw. I place a small treat inside and when she's bored she goes and gets it. When I hear the door click open I stop what I am doing a replace the treat. Normally she gets bored of learning quickly but she had me running backwards and forwards for an hour yesterday! I am also giving her a towel which is twisted and knotted with treats hidden inside which keeps her quiet for a while as she works out how to get them. Keep the treats small and smelly to keep their interest but not make them fat.