Help!!!!!!!!!! Puppy chewing house to bits!!!!!


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I have a 7month old border collie mix who wont stop chewing. He chews paper, wood on furniture, books and anything he can get at. We need HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Cote

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7 months? Have you had this dog since he was a puppy? Do you crate him? Do you have any training experience? Is this your first dog?

I just need a little more info before giving suggestions.

Oh, and what do you do right now if he starts to chew on something innapropriate in front of you?


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I have two words... Bitter apple spray!

At seven months your puppy has some strong teeth...but this stuff tastes horrible, I've seen the look on my dogs' faces when they lick it.


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He is not my first dog just the worst chewer we have ever had. I am 13 and have a little training experience from classes. We got him from a rescue group called east tennessee border collie rescue when he was 12 weeks old. We crate him and he is really good with it but since my dad as ben home because of surgery we leave him out with the other dogs. He has been chewing everything. When I see him chewing I say no and take wateverit is away from and put him in the living room where all his toys are so he can learn what is ok for him to chew and what is not. It may be because of bordom because i havent been able to get him physical excercise cause of having to help take care of my dad. Do you have any suggestions now?


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Hmm...My border collie was a chewer too...Sometimes I gave her ice cubes to chew on, since she was in a real teething pain. Sometimes it just works to have your dog doing something else or just cheweing something else. If he doesn't chew his own toys, you could try making them taste better with chicken soup or peanut butter.

Border Collies are really smart, and they usually stop chewing after teething. I swear, I thought my dog would never stop chewing and behaving like a devil, and now she is my angel.

Also, Border collies are very, very sensible. You should use your voice tones carefully, a sharp "no" can do wonders. They are also very sensible to being picked by the scruff, I avoid that myself because I know my dogs hates it.

I dunno if I was any help, but those are my two cents. Good luck with your dog

luna may

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You could also try putting a little drop of tabasco (hot chilli sauce... Extremely hot, actually ;))on the stuff he might chew on... Just have a big bowl of water handy!
Try that a few times, and if your dog is smart he will never, ever chew on your stuff again.
Behold the evil flaming bloodred sauce of DOOM... Muahahahaha :bad:


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Thanks for ur help i will try all ur sugestions. We just gave him an ice cube but we already no he loves them