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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by MaryK, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL again thank you jackiemutts the 'standing on hind legs' isn't out of the question either, he'll do that, especially when called to come inside, in the hope of getting a treat.

    Seriously thank you for the clarification I have downloaded the video/read the thread and will do so again just to be sure. Thank you too for clarifying about clicking if I click at the wrong time, was wondering what I should do because although not planning to make mistakes, I'm just a mere human :pso mistakes happen.

    Clicker about due to arrive, can hardly wait. LOL if he knew what was about to happen, Ra Kismet would be leaping the high fence to get to the mail box = Mom clicks and I get a treat for doing nothing - now that's right up his alley:D
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    so agree with Jackie's every word.
    and yeah, loading the clicker involves zero commands, it's just teaching the dog the click means a treat is coming in a few seconds.

    //"Will get some post notes, did have some but cannot find them. They wouldn't hurt the dog.'//

    nope! the postit will NOT hurt the dog.
    and that is yet another way to teach shy.
    That is how i taught shy, i used a post it note. but, my dog was SO adept at swiping that note right off,
    and then, i had to replace it
    and replace it
    and replace it, with each swipe, it became very interruptive.

    so i got a small piece of scotch tape, and taped the post it onto my dog's head.
    Here's the funny part.
    BY NOW, my very eager to please dog, has gotten idea "For some reason, mom reeeeally wants this paper on my head" and so he left it there, and quit swiping at it, the sweet lil thang!

    so then,
    to induce him to swipe at it, i lowered the taped post it note to where it was in his field of vision.

    NOW he found it annoying enough, he swiped at it. CLICK/TREAT!

    and no, when i removed the small bit of tape i used, not one hair on it, dog registered zero sign of discomfort.

    HOWEVER, my dog has a swiping motion for his "Buddy, are you shy?"
    he swipes both paws, one after the other, but doesn't reeeeally HOLD his paw on his head.


    STILL, it's adorable.
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    so then,
    i trained him, about a year later, to HOLD one paw on his head, (not swiping)
    for the cue word "headache"

    To do that,
    i used the method you, MaryKay, started this thread with, where you lower a treat down below the paw on your arm., but i used my hand, not my arm.

    doing THAT, i got my dog to HOLD his paw on his head.

    so now, i can turn to my dog, whatever the topic is,
    and say, "Buddy, does Uncle Fred give you a headache?"
    and dog holds his paw on his head as if he has a headache!!:ROFLMAO:

    "Buddy, does that ___(politician, sports team, relative)___give you a headache?"

    very useful trick around the kitchen, imo.
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    so really, MaryK, you can do BOTH methods,
    and get two different tricks,
    but, i wouldn't do them back-to-back.

    if you want both tricks,
    train one,
    then train other tricks,
    other tricks,
    other tricks,
    and THEN, train second paw-on-head trick.
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    another way, is, depending on the size of your dog's snout, is, put a soft cloth covered hairband on your dog's snout. obviously, you don't want it tight, but some of those are loose.
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  6. Evie Experienced Member

    This is how I taught Evie, but she was like Buddy lol! After a couple of times she must have thought I was crazy and that I actually WANTED that piece of sticky note on her nose so she stopped swiping at it and just sat there staring at me with a fluorescent piece of paper on her nose.... So funnily enough, I did what tigerlilly did and move it down a bit so that they can see it lol and THEN Evie wanted it off - so click + treat! SUCCESS!!

    I found that Evie then went through a stage where she would only do the trick if there was a sticky note on her nose (she got to the point where she wouldnt scratch the note off but she would do the movement).... so we progressed by me pressing on her nose (LOL) like i would have done if i was putting a sticky note on her nose and for a short period of time that was her cue for 'shy'. About a week after that she finally started to associate the word 'shy' with the movement. Evie ALWAYS associates a hand signal or other body language with a cue much MUCH quicker than she does a word or voice command.

    We're still perfecting this trick, we need to work on her holding her paw there for a bit longer which she is actually quite good at, but sometimes she still goes for 'the faster it is the better it is' approach.
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you both so much:) Have had to read both your replies through twice because I was laughing so hard the first time at both your beautiful, intelligent doggies responses:ROFLMAO: So good to know I'm not the only one with a dog who thinks I've gone totally round the bend at timesO_o

    Got it click-treat/click-treat/click-treat NO COMMANDS the boys going to love this 'training' will make sure treats are very small, or cut back on dinner tonight;)

    Would LOVE to get Ra Kismet to do both tricks shy/headache and will take your advice re training him to do both. Have to see how we progress and his reactions to the clicker/post it note to learn shy. Am wondering if he'll think I'm mad with the post it note because he's so used to wearing a halti (he hates walking with any form of collar, thanks to the awful school he went to for three weeks pulled him out but damage was done). This is going to be interesting;)

    Can see 'headache' as being VERY useful when male partner yells (his idea of 'training' NOT mine). Maybe if Ra showed how he felt with 'headache' partner MAY ALSO BE TRAINED not to yell - hope springs eternal dogs are waaaaaaaay easy to train:giggle:

    His nose is quite long, Shepherd'ish but narrow so a soft hair band would be fine with him.

    I tried to use just my hand BUT he's a polite boy and thought I wanted to 'shake paws':cool: So saw a lass on t.v. using her arm and tried that, which has worked so far, as you know from my first post.

    Clicker still hasn't arrived:cry: hoping the mail man is late otherwise not until Monday :cry::cry:

    Off to work on training now, the boy is giving me the 'why are you STILL on that pesky computer" together with MASSIVE sighs, and flopping on the floor:D
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    WHOOOOOOPEEEE clicker has arrived:D Post man was very late but it's here:LOL: Now we can really start training. Going to have a few practice clicks sans the dogs, just to get used to the feel of it, it has a wristband so shouldn't take that long, but it has a soft click which is grand as I saw in the video that the box style clicker is too loud to use close to the dog's head.

    Will keep you posted must calm down now:cool: cannot train properly if I am too excited as LOL doesn't take much to get the kid excited.
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    We've just 'loaded' the clicker - I hope:) :LOL: had two dogs EXTREMELY interested (well there were treats involved) and found I couldn't click/treat fast enough with 2, especially as Zeus will 'grab' at a treat if given too quickly. So fed Zeus inside and Ra outside, then continued with just Ra Kismet to click/treat (with Zeus inside it was MUCH easier will work with him alone tomorrow). Honestly it was fascinating to watch Ra Kismet's actions. He sat, as I thought he would, and at first watched the treat bowl. So I waited till I had 'eye contact' ( that oh so hopeful look I'm sure you all know) then click/treated. He DEFINITELY registered the click first time and each subsequent time thereafter his face kinda flinched, hard to describe, not in a 'it hurts manner' but 'hey what's that new sound' then after the first click/treat when I subsequently clicked his eyes went immediately to the treat bowl he knew what was coming YEAH!. :LOL: his 'diet' has gone of the richter scale that's for sure but once in a while shouldn't hurt:D He'll run off the extra treats tonight, as we're going to have a game of soccer before it gets too dark:) Which means I get whacked with the ball and he bends it like Beckham:ninja:

    Can see why clickers are SO GRAND quicker as you've all said than "good boy" and it sure does 'grab attention'. I'm hooked:)

    Do I now start tomorrow using the clicker when training? It's a bit too late to train tonight.

    Oh yes have warned partner IF he ever uses the clicker (highly unlikely but you never know) or accidently clicks it (again HIGHLY unlikely) he MUST give the dog or dogs a treat immediately - otherwise I'll be furious:D
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm bad about leaving my clicker around the house. My brothers will pick it up and start clicking it like crazy. I've told them a thousand times not to(they wonder why I get so mad about it and snatch it from them hmm:rolleyes:)

    First you need to load the clicker. Here is a thread for people who are new to clicker training.
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    No brothers or sisters but a partner is enough:rolleyes:

    Just realized too, must keep clicker RIGHT AWAY FROM THE CATS - they'd think it was Christmas in July:D

    I've got the video, must re-watch must have missed something in my excitement. Will do so tomorrow - or rather today - as it's early morning and I need to get some shut eye before Ra Kismet let's me know it's HIS time to get up:) Zeus is more obliging, he'll sleep until I get up - comes with his age I guess:)
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First clicker/treat training session (we did charging the clicker last night). Decided, as it's hard for me to click/treat two dogs doing different things (Zeus just watches) to train Ra Kismet outside. Usually way too many distraction, foremost his soccer ball. Yes he made straight for it BUT I called him to come, pointed to in front of me and VOILA one dog sitting in front of me SANS THE FOOTBALL (he did bring it with him but LEFT IT BY HIS SIDE - that's a first). Thought I was dreaming, so repeated and EVERY SINGLE TIME he came IMMEDIATELY, sometimes even LEAVING HIS SOCCER BALL behind to sit like a grand chap in front of me. I'm in SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD SHOCK - Ra Kismet has NEVER in the past voluntarily stopped playing soccer like that - amazing.

    We worked on other things and I did make a mistake or two, went to hand over treat before clicking, old habit of course BUT realized what I had done and reinforced the click/treat again with Ra Kismet and LOL myself.

    Did not try anything new today, as I too am learning (not as quickly I suspect) to use the clicker but am sold, totally sold, on clicker training. Ra Kismet is a fast learner but this is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS the speed he learned to come and leave his soccer ball! I NEVER thought he would do that. Usually takes forever to get him to come when he's playing soccer and sometimes he just wouldn't come until HE was finished playing.:D

    Plus dog next door barked, Ra Kismet did look around (he was sitting in front of me) so I didn't click until he looked at me. Second time dog next door barked Ra Kismet almost ignored it, just a wee turn of the head, again waited until he looked at me, third time and he basically just sat looking hopeful.

    Now I need to work on perfecting my click/treat and woweee!

    Anyone NOT using a clicker, take it from someone who didn't use them to now using them - they are AWESOME!:D
  13. Evie Experienced Member



    Glad you're as sold on clickers as the rest of us are.

    Here's to many happy hours of training in the future! :D
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL sure am Evie. Cannot wait to do more training sessions:D
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THIS IS SO GREAT!! YAY!!:D Loved your whole post!
    So glad you like it so well,
    aren't dogs + clickers amazing!!?? Can't wait to hear of your continued progress !!!
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    IT WAS SO CUTE hearing how fast your dogs "got it"!!

    //". :LOL: his 'diet' has gone of the richter scale that's for sure but once in a while shouldn't hurt:D "//

    yeah, i watch the calories so so much, cuz i like my dog to not have any fat at all on him. (he doesn't).
    I use itty bitty teeny tiny treats, like size of a raisen or a pea.
    Dogs do NOT care at all how big a treat is. Dogs even scour the floor for tiny crumbs.
    and you can make your own treats too, (look in recipe sections, try to find flour-free ones)
    and break up all treats to be real small.
    very very small.
    and i cut Buddy's dinner size back if i have used many treats, and sometimes, i USE his dinner for training!!:LOL:
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you - not exaggerating he LEARNS SO FAST - :LOL:not always what I want but with the clicker that's all changed YEAH!


    Also, he now COMES IMMEDIATELY inside or out WOOOOWEEEE:D

    Plus, maybe my imagination but he seems quieter, like right now, he's lying quietly alongside me and NOT pawing (though if he needs 'potty' fair enough if he paws) but NOT worrying ALL the time for me to play. Yes he's played with a lot but I do have my own work also:) Am thinking clicker training is MORE satisfying for the dog - like they UNDERSTAND better and that's MORE satisfying to them. They want to please us and it makes it easier for them to do so??????

    I too keep an eye on weight. So far Ra Kismet is a perfect three (vets rate 1-5 1 being seriously underweight 5 morbidly obese -3 is PERFECT WEIGHT). He only went to 3.5 once, after eating all the fruit from the trees - I was MORTIFIED - quickly remedied that situation and was delighted when his vet pronounced him a PERFECT THREE again
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    oops - cat on keyboard - LOL:LOL: she's just 'posted' my reply for me. Now if we could only teach cats to type:D

    With treats, as I was about to say pre Maeve's 'help'. I ran out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So used diet cat food ( both the sybaritic cats are on diet food). Will check the treats thread and make some for both boys, homemade is always best as we KNOW what's gone into it. Was wondering about flour, don't like the boys to have floury food, so good to know there are 'flourless' treats. I have been using dried liver, broken into teeny weeny pieces, as the vet recommended that because it's not tooooooo fattening and so far, apart from the fruit incident, his weight has remained at 21.5 kilos which is right for his size. Zeus have to be careful as he has Cushings and that can cause weight loss, not gain, just the bloating makes a dog look 'fat' - different look entirely though. So he's watched/weighed all the time at the vets.

    Don't like to see over weight dogs, so many, many problems arise from that factor.

    I almost used Ra's dinner the other night as a 'treat' when charging the clicker but wasn't sure if that was o.k. so just cut him back a bit at dinner time. I do that too when they have a bone on weekends.

    :p yes they will go for crumbs, they're great at 'hoovering' the floor, wonderful when something is dropped, like egg, cleaned up in no time= I dropped an egg the other day:D

    Will keep you posted on our next training session, which will be tomorrow (Sunday) my time.

    We're going to work hard on the loose lead inside or just in the drive way(see other post) and our tricks, nothing new at this stage as I am still learning how to use the clicker - LOL Ra's already 'there' I just need to catch up with him:D
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  19. Dogster Honored Member

    Agree with all the advice above.(y)

    That is soo GREAT that the clicker is working for you, MaryK!!!!:D It's awesome that your dogs got it so fast!!!:)
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Isn't all the advice I've been given fantastic:D Ra Kismet is a smart dog, not boasting here, as my other boy Zeus isn't what you'd call 'smart' as in catching on quickly but he has other fantastic points:D . To me NO dog is stupid - just the owners:giggle:

    Found the post notes, partner had put them away in the wrong place - well suppose I must be glad he at least put them away:giggle:

    :LOL: going to try shy with the post note and am wondering if I will end up like Evie - Ra Kismet sitting there thinking "HEY MOM IS THIS THE LATEST FASHION ACCESSORY:cool: ? Rationale behind that thinking is that he doesn't seem to mind 'things on his nose'. Hopefully a post note will prove differently and we can 'get' shy:)

    Clicker has been amazing also in stopping biting/pulling on lead - see other thread:D

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