Help!!!!! Dog Chewing


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My 1 year old retriever got into this bad ahbit of chewing EVEYTHING! She chewed up bluetooths, wires, kleenex, papers, pencils,etc. We can't leave her for 5 minutes. Please help.


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The recommended post is a good one. Nobody likes to hear this but 100% success guaranteed if all these items are out of reach. :dogtongue2:Clean out a drawer and put them away. Some of this stuff is very dangerous for puppies to eat.

This is a retreiver-if she's not getting enough exercise she will be bored and destructive regardless. Have you tried gating her into dog proof rooms or crating her when your're gone? I haven't had a dog destroy anything in years doing it this way.

Kongs with frozen goodies are also your best friend. Are you familiar with them??:dogrolleyes: