maggies mom

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Hi, My name is Angie and I own a 1 yr. old Sheltie and she is just now completing beginner training classes. I have taught her several tricks.....but, looking for more ideas. I found this website and thought it looked like fun and hopefully I can learn some REALLY interesting tricks to teach my Maggie. She has already accomplished roll-over, play dead, shake both hands, crawl, and dance. I would appreciate any suggestions!!!!:dogtongue2:

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the Academy, if you are interested we hold monthly contests which all members of the Academy can compete! There are no real prizes other than spending time with our dogs!! :)

This month we are training Shy (touch your nose) and Put your toys away. Check out the Contests forum for more information! :) See you there!


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Hi Angie!
Would love to see you join our monthly challenges and our dog trick of the month! I have a year old English Coonhound that I am training to be a search and rescue dog. As part of her obedience training, we are teaching her as many commands as possible through the use of trick training. This group has some really great members that are knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone is always eager to share their experience and help others to achieve their goals.

maggies mom

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Thank you for the invitation. Checked out the Monthly Challenges and would love too and soon as I learn how to download my videos. I'm not that computer savvy yet. Still playing around with all the sections in this website. It looks really fun and I am looking forward to learning my way around.


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If it's ideas for tricks to teach you definately found the right place. The monthly challeneges are great too.