Hello, my name is Diane and I have a new pomeranian pup. He is my second pom, thats why I call him Two-e. My first pom of seventeen years, Izzy, my best friend ever, died in november ,2007. I miss him so much. Its so hard to accept that he is gone. Having two-e has helped some. Two-e is so different from Izzy. Izzy never got into any thing. Two-e gets into EVERYTHING! He needs constant supervision. One night two-e ate one of my husbands blood presure pills, I called poison control, and for thirty-five dollors they will give you information on what to do, which was to take Two-e to emergecy vet hospital. So I did just that, they indused vomiting and wanted to keep him over night on I-v and watch him. which would be over six hundred dollors. With that I said no can do, I'll take him home and watch him myself. and I still had to pay teo hunderd dollors. After arriving home I looked all over the floor once again, and guess what? I found the pill that Two-e had in his mouth, and must have dropped it when I chassed him all over the house. So $235.00 for nothing. But I was very relieved to know that he did not swallow the pill. So now I am teaching Two-e to "leave-it".


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Welcome to the site. How hard did you kick yourself when you discovered that pill on the floor? :) Still, better safe than sorry...


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Welcome Diane

Pills are a fear of mine. I've just come off some preventative migraine pills which were so tiny they just popped out of the pack like bullets - I dreaded they would fall on the floor and the pup would get one. As they gave me horrible side effects I dread to think what they would have done to the dog. Glad all ended well for you.



Welcome to tha DTA! I think "leave it" is the most important thing to teach a dog for the very reason you described. I know what you mean about the second dog being different. Ihad a male toy poodle for 121/2 years then lost him in Dec. 2006. I got Emma (also a toy poodle soon after as I couldn't stand being without my Buttons. Talk about different! Buttons was laid back, well behaved and very easy to train. Emma is very energetic, into everything and also easy to train....but she does it only when she wants to. I found this poem on the internet that i read to remind me that Emma is her own "person". Good luck with your training and love Two-e for who he is!:dogtongue2:

Second Dog

Sometimes I look for traits in you
Of a little dog you never knew.......
A dog that loved me all his days
And understood in special ways.
But that's not fair to you, you elf;
You're not a substitute; but yourself!
You've eased the loss, soothed the pain
And tugged my laughter home again.
Yet, puppy, at times I almost start
When your eyes recall him to my heart;
You'll never lack for love, it's clear
Because of him, you're twice as dear.

thank you for the poem, I'm crying my eyes out as i type this note. my first pom, Izzy, was my joy, I had him seventeen years. I lost him in november, and I miss him so much.


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I know exactly the terror you felt over the pill incident. Our coonie found Gorilla Glue in the garage (on the second shelf, inside a metal locker cabinet) and proceeded to "play" with her new toy while also gluing the entire side of her face, jowls, and lower jaw!. When we found her, she had it down her front legs, on her paws, and her face. Her eye was ALMOST glued shut. We FREAKED!!! Luckily for her she had NOT swallowed any as Gorilla Glue is death to a dog. It seems that it swells when in contact with fluids and produces a giant ball that kills the gut at a later date. We only had to wait until the fur sloughed off with the dried Gorilla Glue on it. After researching it on the net, we found out that dogs are attracked to the scent of Gorilla Glue---it is said to smell like peanut butter!!!