My is Debbie I live in South Carolina near HiltonHead. I am not a trainer so I am new to this. I am just a person that love animals. I have adopted a S.Husky and will be picking him up Friday his name is Avalanche.Avalaanche.jpg I fell in love with him from day one. While at the shelter they notice a connection between him and I. Avalanche will be in the best home he has ever had. I was raise with a Husky whom I was very close to,and I know Avalanche will bring me much joy as I will bring him


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Hi and welcome! Thanks for giving Avalanche a second chance - love his name, btw! He's certainly a handsome boy!! :love: No need to be a trainer, we'll turn you into one. ;) Feel free to ask questions, peruse the forum, and jump in anywhere. Lots of very talented people on the forum ready to help. Can't wait to hear more about Avalanche when he comes home.


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Welcome to DTA! No problem about not being experienced with dog training, that's everyone starts out! We can help you here, ask us any questions you have! Thank you for giving Avalanche a second chance!


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Welcome to D.T.A.:) Thank you for rescuing and giving Avalanche a grand new start to life.:):love: Love his name and also Huskies, they're great dogs!

Don't worry about not being a trainer, everyone started right where you are now, at the beginning, and you'll find there's a lot of very experienced, kind and helpful people on this forum. So any questions, jump in a start a thread, you'll receive loads of help.