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  1. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome, your dogs are just beautiful! :love:
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  2. CarmenR Well-Known Member

    Hmm she looks like a bit like a wire haired jack russell (she has a similar looking head to one I think) and one of her great grandparents was a german shepherd, those ears are whats making me put that one in hehe.
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  3. vangorm Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jacklenmutts!

    Haha, CarmenR. For the longest time when people would ask me her breed, I would say GSD mix because of her ears.
    I just don't know about the smaller breed terriers because of her size! On the flip side though, if not a small dog mix, I have no clue -whatsoever-. One breed that's -kind of- similar is the beligan laeknois, but that's not a likely mix at all.
    Here's a size comparison of her and me though, just for fun. :) (I'm 5'9)

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  4. CarmenR Well-Known Member

    She could be that big and a have jack russell in her, my friends massive black dog (slightly larger than a lab) is 1/4 pomeranian and 1/4 staffy according to DNA tests. When I was younger my friend used to have a dog of similar size and coat as her except I'm fairly sure that we didn't know what she was either haha
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