I'm Lisamarie a graphic designer, who has taken on canine training as a second career, in the last year. I still have lots to learn but really love working with dogs and teach a group obedience class 3 times per week. Rosco (my beloved AmStaff) and I live in Newport Beach, Ca and when were not training we hang out and watch "Animal Planet" ;)



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Welcome!!!!!!!:) Rosco is one Stud Muffin that's for sure, what a handsome boy:love:

Jump in and ask questions or answer them, everyone is very friendly here, so have fun and enjoy the forum:)


Thanks All!

Hi and welcome! I grew up and lived most of my life in LA and now am on the central coast of Ca - in the big scheme of this forum, we're neighbors. :LOL: Have fun!
NICE Shepards! the kennel I work for houses many of GSROC (German Shepard Rescue of Orange County)— I've just started to get to know the breed in the last 5 months-- what awesome dogs to work with!!