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I'm Bonbon and my dog is Mingo. He's a neutered half breed. He's half German shepherd and half Yellow Lab. My family thinks he's stupid, but I know differently, he's just untrained! He knows how to sit, stay (sometimes) and move out of the way. He's also very good at hogging the heater! He's my very own therapy dog. We got him at a time when I needed him most. My mom had passed away, my mother in law (a very sweet woman) had just broken her hip, and about 4 of my older friends passed away too. It was a very bad year! My son picked mingo out of a shopping cart of cute wiggling puppies in front of a grocery store. He was five pounds of loving fun. Mingo has lived with us for 5 years and he still acts like a puppy! He's my baby, I wouldn't know what to do with out him:dogbiggrin:.

I look forward to proving my family wrong by training Mingo. I've plenty of time since I'm no longer working.