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    Hello my name is Phoebe and I have two dogs, one named Prince and one named Bliss. Prince is a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier and Bliss is a Border Collie/Rough Collie. I would like to teach both my dogs tricks but Bliss is too over-excited and Prince just doesn't care. Hoping I can find some easy tricks to teach them :)

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    WELCOME! *ALL* DOGS, i repeat, *ALL* dogs, can learn tricks! You might have to work a bit, to find out what motivates each dog, etc, but, ALL dogs can learn tricks. Dogs LOVE this, love love love it!!!

    DO LOOK OVER THE CLASSROOM up above, for short, quickie, easy to follow tutorials to get yourself started in right direction. If you have troubles, post it, someone will be by to help you out! HAVE FUN, enjoy!

    If it is not FUN, for both you and the dog, you're doing it wrong!!:ROFLMAO:
    Keep all lessons super short for beginner dogs, even 5 minutes is fine for beginner dogs.
    no corrections are used (watch video) you don't even ever say "no", you simply reward correct moves, ignore incorrect moves.
    that's it. It's easy!

    Use tiny treats, like raisen-sized treats, to avoid a full or fat dog. use real meat bits, or hotdogs, or occasionally bits of cheese, etc.
    some ppl use tug toy pulling as the reward,
    Each dog has their own motivators. My particular dog BEAMS if he is praised, just loves praise so much.

    Most everyone here uses a clicker.

    Do watch a video up above, in CLASSROOM,
    maybe go for a beginner trick,
    once you get started, you can't stop!!:ROFLMAO: GOOD LUCK, if you hit a roadblock, let us know!

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