Abigail Yates

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Hi im Abigail. I have 5 cocker spaniels. I would really like to teach my dogs some good tricks, I take them to obedience, agility, flyball and show them occasionally.

Look forward to meeting everyone:)



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They're so cute - I love their silky coats - I bet they take a while to brush though -Especially with five!
What are their names?

PS I particularly like the colouring of the one in the second picture - with the two tan blobs above their eyes - too cute:love:


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Awe they're adorable! English Cockers have such a sweet face! I also have 5 dogs, though no rhyme or reason to their breed. The only thing that they all have in common is that they're rescues.

I certainly get looked at when I walk all 5 at once LOL

Abigail Yates

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The two in the pictures are Flossy (left pic) and Charlie (right) he's a blue roan and tan, he's a typical crazy cocker! the others are Gus, Amber and Bertha. They do take ages to groom and its really difficult when they go for a run in the fields and get loads of twigs stuck in their coat. They are a lovely bunch when they want to be lol