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    Just joined, following instructions. I get to create a new thread just to say hello?! Well then, here I go.

    In July a mini Aussie puppy joined our family, his name is Darwin. He likes to be kept busy, so we've been teaching him tricks. So far, sit, lay down, high five, shake, roll over, fetch...but I suspect he's taught us much more.

    We'd like to do agility work with him, if he takes a liking to it.

    We're looking forward to seeing what others are doing with their dogs and learning how to keep Darwin active, stimulated, and curious for years to come.
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Welcome! In the forums, there are some threads on agility, (most are under "Sports" section)

    and do be sure to look over the "CLASSROOM" in sign up above for more tricks.

    sounds like your puppy is very very smart!!! and too cute!

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