Bubbles BB

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My name is Bubbles, I am a 17 week old Pomapoo pup. I own a human lady named Mitzi, who I love very much! We train together every day. She taught me house training by the age of 10 weeks and to sit, lay down and roll over before I reached 12 weeks of age. She has noticed that I am oh so smart, by the 15 week stage I was opening my own crate to let myself out (I have to be crated because the man human I own won't allow me to sleep with my humans so momma says that for now the crate is for my safety and I really don't mind it at bedtime. Mitzi and I are currently working on sit, stay and come and she is getting it down good so we came here to find new tricks and how to teach them to me. we are really excited about meeting new friends and tricks!


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Hi and welcome Bubbles - you're just the cutest!! and I love your name, too :p. You'll find lots here to teach your mom, so browse around, and just bark loud if you have any questions, ok?? :LOL:

Bubbles BB

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Thank you jackienmutts, momma says the barking loud won't be any problem as I sorta have a little bit of a yappy nature right now, which is something we are working on right now also. When momma wants to love on me I tend to want to nip and chew on her and she don't like that at all, she tells me stop and no bite and I do stop for a second or two. Guess we still have some things to work on but I am still a baby and love my momma so I know we will get it all worked out before I become a grownup. Thank you again and we are both excited to be here :-).


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Welcome Bubbles! You're adorable. I hope you find lots of tricks to teach your momma and good luck to the both of you. :D