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  1. Jairo I. Member

    Hello every body!, my name is Jairo I., im a 22 year old colombian who just recierved his daughter :p, a beautifull bulldog princes whos just beautifull and adorable and well here i am and hello to everybody!
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  2. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Awwh shes so cute! :love: Welcome to the DTA :)
  3. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums - I hope you find them useful;)
    Super cute doggie by the way:love:
  4. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Awwww,I want to squidge and kiss her face,such a cutie:love:
    A very warm welcome to :)
  5. Jairo I. Member

    hi guys, well thank you very much for the complements to my princess!, so far i have taught dina(thats her name) to sit, well she doesn't obey verry well but when i reward her with 2 pieces of her hills dog food she folows my orders right away! :D, i would really apreciate y if you guys could tell me how to know the right moment when dina has learned the trick, i mean right now she only obeys me when she is counsious that i have food on the table to reward her (damn puppy she so smart :O) so what frustrates me is that she doesn`t obey me when i dont have food :(, and well of course i kwon shes a puppy so i`m not expecting her to succeed every time i try to train her. Finally i want to confess you a problem i`m having with her; well shes the first dog i ever had :) and besides that the race i picked(English bulldog) is not recomended for begginers because of their stubborness, and well here`s the case, she likes to play alot but sometimes she is to rough with us and Nana(our older chihuahua) and even bites hard, so hard that in 2 occasions the has pierced my skin and blood has come out( i don`t care because i think that's only an accident) but anyway, is this something that eventually as she grows old will stop?, or should i discipline her right away?, besides that when i call her attention when she`s doing something wrong she barks back at me! and i feel as if she doesn't takes me seriously and well I've read so many things about dog psicology but as she`s a puppy i don't know if i have to treat her the same way as an adult dog(you know the same way cesar millan does on t.v.) because once i did it but she began whinning and my girlfriend told me to leave her alone and to understand her because she's a puppy, so guys i`ll really appreciate if you could give some advice. Finally i want to thank you a lot for your attention, and ask pardon for the way i`m writing, it has been 5 years since the last time i had written to some people in english and i`m a little RUSTY :p, but don`t worry i hope we stay in touch and recover my writing skills back! thank for your time and have a nice day!.
  6. Dodge Well-Known Member

    First of all,dont worry about your english,its great(y)
    You may want to start a new thread in the puppy section or in the stop behavioral problems section,it will be seen by more people and wont be overlooked in your introduction;):)
    How old is Dina? She s just a pup,it may take her a while to do what you want ther to do right away on command whithout you having food on you,thats just normal,dont worry(y)
    For the biting,she needs to learn bite inhibition,thats very normal,too:)
    As soon as she is making teeth-to-skin contact,stop all the fun,if you can make a high pitched squeal . . . even better,thats how dogs teach eachother,when pups play,they bite and mouth each other to test out their "jaw power" (if that the right word:LOL:) and they teach each other when its to hard and hurts,well now its your job to teach her,she will not just grow out of it,it will get dangerous if nothing else when she is an adult (y):love:
    Another thing you can do,just get up and remove yourself,that is the most boring thing for your pup,again this may take a few times,but she will learn(y)
    I m not sure about being barked at,whenever Dodge tried to have a barking session at me because he wanted something,I ignored it :LOL: try walking away and get really,really interested in like say a toy,she will follow you to see what wonderful stuff you ve got:love:
    Last thought I would like to add,forget you ve ever seen CM,check out Victoria Stilwell,she is a possitive only trainer,boy am I glad your girlfriend stopped you,well done to her (y)
    Hope this helped you a little,think about starting a new thread and you will get lots of great advice (y)
  7. Anneke Honored Member

    Welcome. Dina is a cuty!!
  8. Jairo I. Member

    Hello dodge, well thanks alot for the advise! i'mgoing to read the puppy section rightt away!, by the way Dyna is right now 2 months old, i don't remember if i gave you her age, but we recieved her when she was just 5 weeks old! way too soon i might say!, and what waas even worse was that she had this disease that right now i don't recall the name, but one of the simptoms was that she cought alot! like verry old people, and she was way too small even for a puppy her age, but theres no worry yve already put her the shot that cures her disease and shes growing exptremely fast! (y), well anyway thanks alot once more dodge!
  9. Jairo I. Member

    hi anneke, thanks alot!, your dogs look pretty cool too, and by the picture you have as display let me tell you i envy such a big backyard to play! :p
  10. Anneke Honored Member

    Haha, I wish that was my backyard!!! But no, that was illegally entering a meadow for the pictures(pretty dandelions) and playing some frisbee:D
  11. Jairo I. Member

    WOW! well anyway, what a beautiful place!
  12. Jairo I. Member

    OOOh i almost forget! does anyone of you guys knows a member who trained an english bulldog?, i would like to ask some tips and hints to train Dyna!
  13. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    :love: the picture!! Dina is really cute :). (and your English is great!!!) Welcome to the DTA!
  14. Jairo I. Member

    :) thanks alot! i`ll tell dyna shes got another fan :p, you r dog`s beautifull too, is she a pomeranian?
  15. Jairo I. Member

    hey guys another thing, i`ve been thinking, and just realized that some lighters that have a button also do a clicking sound, is it ok if i use it instead of a clicker, the problem is that iv'e searched in all the petstores in my city and i haven't found one! but theres a concern, i dont remember where, but i red that you shoul not use the clicker if you're not going to reward the dog because they'l get used to it and then they won't answer or respond to the sound, and well the point is that this may happen when ever someone lights up a cigarrete and make the sound, will this affect my puppy training?
  16. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    The lighter is a good idea, some people use the lids off of drinks like Snapple. Apparently the lids make a really good click AND they are cheap. How often are people smoking around your dog? Do you think that it would be often enough to affect your training?

    My dog is a miniature Australian Shepherd at 8 weeks with his "puppy coat". He is really fluffy :p.
  17. Jairo I. Member

    he looks very cute
  18. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Thanks!!! O, Gracias! Mi espanol es muy mal, lo siento. :). I lived in Costa Rica for 6 months, years and YEARS ago, but forgot most of my Spanish :cry:. After college, I am going to a Spanish speaking country to learn again(y). I just might visit Columbia:eek:!

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