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  1. DuncansMom Well-Known Member

    Hello! I'm new here. I adopted a 1 1/2 year old dog named Duncan two weeks ago. He loves learning tricks. We think he is a Border-collie/Springer Spaniel mix, and he is very energetic, agile and smart. I've already taught him how to sit, shake hands, "high five", lie down and roll over. I'm looking for more tricks to teach him to keep him occupied, and more information on different training techniques. It would also be great to make friends with dog people! Duncan is my first dog so I have a lot to learn. :)
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  2. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the DTA!!! There are many knowledgeable people here on this site as well as a wealth of info into positive reinforcement techniques. I think that you are doing wonderfully already, especially with a first dog!!!;)

    Congratulations on your new family addition and you are a wonderful person for adopting Duncan. With his guessed "pedigree" he should be very easy to train. (makes ya kinda wonder how these wonderful animals get in the shelterO_o)
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    Thanks! :)
  4. sara Moderator

    OMG he's adorable! I certainly see the springer in him! I had a Springer x American Cocker when I was a kid, she was the best dog EVER and is the reason I am into dogs (I also credit her for making me who I am) She LOVED doing tricks, and would do anything I asked. I was 7 when we adopted her, and I was nearly 22 when she died. I still miss her dreadfully!

    She learned to do all the playground equipment, including the chain "ship's ladders" going across the swinging wooden bridges and down slides, she jumped anything I asked her to, and even did my version of agility (it's amazing how many jumps you can make out of gardening tools, garbage cans and firewood!) she did all sorts of tricks, and ran alongside my bike and rollerblades. She also pulled us in a wagon my grandfather built especially for her... I still have the wagon!

    Patchie would have died for me.

    Enjoy Duncan! He sounds like an awesome boy!
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  5. DuncansMom Well-Known Member

    :) He is awesome. After we finish basic training I definitely want to do agility training, because I'm sure Duncan would be really good at it (and really enjoy it). Patchie sounds like an incredible dog!
  6. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Welcome :)

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