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I have been on you tube looking for tricks to teach and found this site. I have Kyras 101 tricks, which really got me interested in really teaching tricks when I got my Puppy who is going on 4 years on in July.. I do agility and obedience but I like to refresh training with my dogs so I just love finding tricks to teach. I am excited to learn more about teaching tricks.. Sometimes it is difficult to get the trick going in order to start shaping it... I saw Silva T. new trick on youtube.. But before I can teach it I would like to get information on how to teach the dog to get to hold an object with his paws while sitting up.. My dog puts his paws on object and pushes it away instead of holding it next to his chest... Any suggestions on how to get this started.

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This is something i am interested in teaching, too.

Here is a video of someone working on this.

My problem is, my dog is a bit chest heavy, with most of his body's weight being from the waist up, and he is long in the spine, too,
and i never taught a prolonged 'beg' position. I'm not entirely certain my dog IS physically able to hold a 'beg' position for long.
Does anyone whose dog's weight being from the waist up, can your dog hold a prolonged 'beg' position? I mean, can some dog bodies just not do the 'beg' position for very long?


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I've never been able to teach Scout to beg, however she can do a 2 handed wave, and she can stand up and walk on he hind legs fow awhile... I just cant get he to sit on her butt and beg. Some tricks you can use to help lengthen the beg that I was told about it to have them in a corner, so they have something to lean against, or keep your hand underneath their paws and just touch the paws if they start to go down, if they re-balence, click that.


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thanks I do need to work on balance on the beg position with him. I did get him to put one paw around a 1 inch dowel. I think it will be a long time before I get the holding behavior. I will have to click:) any thing that looks like he is wrapping one paw around and then try to get him to wrap the other paw around and then hope that in time he will wrap both paws.
This is going to take a while to develop. He is not a natural paw holder.
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