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I've just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alison and I own two Border Collies: Misty and Hawkeye. We live with the family in Australia. Hawkeye loves doing complex skills and tricks. So far, he plays the piano, skateboards, retrieves the dumbbell by running over the see-saw to get it and returning the same way, and he's learning to target. He is also learning to walk backwards round me from left to right and he's quite keen to play with the gym ball.
Hawkeye was attacked as in the critical fear period as a puppy and, despite lots of behavioural work, he's still quite anxious around other dogs. He finds agility and obedience clubs a bit stressful, but dog tricks are things he can learn at home and he loves it. We're looking forward to learning more through the forum.
Best wishes,

Jean Cote

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Hello Alison,

Another border collie lover eh? :) Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! If you need any help or advice or just want to share feel free to post on the forums. ;)


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I'm surrounded by Border Collie's! Sounds like you've got quite a trick vocabulary already! Welcome to the DTA!