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  1. sefter_lodge Guest

    Hi I'm an agility handler from the south of England but i have got in to teaching my new pup some tricks to expand her concentration and the help her have rear end awarness.
    So far i have taught her to reverse and to the the circus elephant but i would like to teach her to reverse around my body, only i have NO idea how to. She is a clicker-oholic!

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    I would start by teaching her to back up, can she do that?
  3. sefter_lodge Guest

    Thanks for your reply, yes she can back up. I've tried putting her in a healwork position and almost doing a left turn on the spot and asking her to walk back but i think i'm confusing her.
    Anyone know of any good books? I've moved on to her walking on my feet!

    Thanks again

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