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I didn't know about this site until I watched a video on youtube. I want to teach my dog to hide her toys when done and many other tricks. I thought this site can give me inspiration and a lot info on how to teach my dog certain tricks.

I own an american pit bull terrier with a labrador. They are both well trained. I can't wait to show everyone what they can do. That is when I get my computer back. I'm on a laptop but I don't have vids on it yet. :dogsmile:

Nice meeting everyone


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hi nice 2 meet u. im new on here 2.i have 1 terrier/pit bull mix dog and 1 golden retriever mix. they r somehow brothers and r both very sweet. the terrier's name is wormy and the golden dog is named Dill. i have a problem with Wormy. he barks at strangers and at everything.


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Nice to meet you too!
Just scold him when you don't want him to barking at certain things. Mine barks at strangers it's defensive of her territory. My lab and APBT they both bark at strangers. When I don't want them barking at things I just scold them with a firm NO.


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QueenKitty, my dog was getting himself a lil barking thing going on. What i did was go outside and sit next to him, and give my cue for no barking (just plain "NO" may or may not be clear to your dog..no what? no walking? no sniffing?:dogblink: You may want to say "no Bark" if you use above method).

Anyway, my cue is "Shhh". I'd sit next to Buddy, when he'd bark, i'd say "Shhh" and then click and reward even a moment of silence outa him. If he was reeeally far gone barking his head off, i'd distract his att'n over onto me and reward his looking at me instead... It didn't take him too long to understand that "Shhhh" means no barking.

Overtime, i can now stick my head out the door, and go "Shhhh" and he stops barking. Actually, he just doesn't bark at other dogs going by the way he used to.:dognowink:

I don't mind Buddy barking a time or two at passersby dog, but the nonstop bark thing was not okay. Buddy responded well to being rewarded for NOT barking, as if it was a "trick".

My Buddy was barking at dogs he is probably afraid of, actually, so i'd also reward any calm behaviours and distract him into play/doing tricks to help him get the hang of not losing his mind :dogmad:if he sees another dog going by his yard.
Buddy is now well behaved in his own yard, he is cool now, in his own yard...

now if only i could get him to do this onleash on walks, but, we are getting there. For onleash, we are now using "Leave it" and going other direction in happy fun way. He is getting it...slowly..