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  1. knarian1988 New Member

    hi i own 2 of the most wonderful dogs a human can ask for. their names are Maxamillion scott(Max) he is a 105 pd black labrador retriever. My other dog fur child is Tupper, he is a glolden retriever. theya re boht 8 yrs old. I am a stay at home fur kid mom who loves taking my boys on hikes twice a day I was introduced to this website by Onyx tuppers fiance from another social dog site Doggy space. we look forward to learning new tricks llike Onyx does!:dogsmile:

  2. danni1983 New Member

    Hi all From rainy Liverpool, England.

    I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone on here as i have just registered, i am looking at getting a Siberian Husky and wanted to know if anyone had any advice or tips.

    Thanks all :-)
  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Danni, find thread called "Breeds" in forum, under "lounge sign" and repost your question there?

    We do have some siberian Husky lovers around here...i am afraid your question is not gonna be noticed HERE in the welcome thread, lol!

    My only tip would be, consider "rescuing" a dog from the dog pound or shelter or rescue organizations, don't 'buy' one, and support puppy mills with all the dog overpopulation, but, that is just me. Find a siberian husky who is homeless, and needs you. That is my 2 cents! lol!

  4. hollyhuney New Member


    I there Danni! Welcome. I am new here too, but I can answer a ton of questions on Huskies for you! I currently have 2 but have owned 4.

    My best advice is research, research, research! This breed is very, very stubborn. They are very intelligent and know it! If they don't want to do it, they won't. You need to be a very strong owner so that they understand that you are alpha ... not them! They will take full advantage of any situation. Especially when you aren't looking! They can jump 6ft + if they really want to. They love to eat food off counters, if your not looking. The trash is their own special gourmet! You need to remember that these dogs were bred originally for outdoor. A lot of people I know that own huskies never realized the amount of work they actually are. Someone needs to be home at all times and if someone isn't there I STRONGLY suggest crate training. This breed has very bad seperation anxiety and will trash your house looking for you! You will have to vacuum your house at least 2-3 times a week, especially when they are blowing their coats (getting their summer or winter coat). Buy a lint roller, you will need it!! If not trained correctly they will pull you down the street instead of YOU walking them! My father broke his hand walking his husky.

    Now that I have scared you half to death about the breed, let me tell you, I wouldn't get a different breed of dog if you paid me a million dollars!

    You might hear that they aren't good family dogs, but I can tell you that is the furthest from the truth! I have 5 children and my huskies (Luke, Panda, Niko and Roxy) all loved my children like their own. Niko actually used to play tag with my daughter, Rebekka! Huskies, generally, love the entire family, but can play a little too rough with small children (infants and toddlers). They run around knocking children over but they never do it on purpose. They are the biggest cuddle bugs ever. If you want a large lap dog, this is the breed!! I can not tell you how much of a joy it is walking them when they are trained properly. They are beautiful dogs and can be such a wonderful addition to your family IF you are willing to put in the man hours for training. I can not stress that enough. Training is key to the safety of your husky and YOUR sanity!!

    Please let me know if you want any other info. I am more than willing to chat because a knowledgable owner is a good owner. I would hate to see you buy one than realize it isn't the dog for you!

    Again, research the breed. Most of what you read will be true. And you can decide if it is something you are willing to take on. I always say, huskies are as bad as, sometimes worse, than the terrible 2's LOL

    Mommy of 2 Huskies (Luke and Panda):dogtongue2:
  5. hollyhuney New Member

    I want to send a great big HELLO to everyone. My name is Holly and I just registered. I am the mommy to 2 Siberian Huskies (Luke and Panda) and am looking forward to chatting with you all! I would love to find other Sibe owners around me, maybe for play dates or just to chat (vent LOL) about our loving kids :D

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