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    Hello everyone. Stumbled on to this site by accident. Think it's going to be great! Just welcomed "Buster" our 8 week old chocolate lab to our family on Friday. I've had dogs before but never a puppy! Anything I learn here about puppies will be new to me! Our family consists of my husband my 12 year old son my 9 year old daughter and myself. We are all excited to have Buster with us. Can't wait to get started on our new adventure!

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    Oh, congradulations!! I love the look of chocolate labs, soooo pretty! What an advantage to have this here website while he is still a puppy, so Buster will have a leg up on other puppies. I shouldn't generalize or stereotype dogs, but every choc lab i ever knew had a TON of energy, mmhmm!! Keep coming back, you'll need us!!
    I know i did, and i got an adult dog!! ha ha!

    IF i got a puppy, i'd have a lot to learn, too! Haven't had one!! I"ve always gotten adult dogs, ha ha!! I read quite a bit about their chewing and nipping, seems something that us humans should address when they are little puppies, for best result. Find those threads!?

    There's lotsa threads on puppies already, look those over, and if you develop a question on Buster, we're all here for you!!
    I should probably also add, one of the best trained dogs i ever knew was a choc lab. The humans had trained that dog to stop at the edge of their lawn, as if there was an electric fence, but there wasn't!! Amazing. PLus that dog knew a ton of tricks, wow he did.
    ENJOY! See ya round!!

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