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Hi. I live in Southport in England. I am a Jack Russell fan and after losing my other two at 18 years old, I am now on my third who is 13 months old. She loves to do anything where she is moving - especially if it's fast. She knows quite a lot of tricks and is now begiining agility which she adores - it's such fun! I competed in agility with my first dog but the second didn't like it at all so its great to have another dog who enjoys it! It's also good for keeping me fit as I am nearly retirement age. I was delighted when I found this site so I could learn lots more tricks to teach her.:dogtongue2: Wooky

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Hi Wooky! I like Jack Russells, they are such an active breed. :dogsmile: A friend of mine has one, and its always on the go. :) Good luck with you training and let us know if we can be of any assistance!