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  1. dilkara New Member

    Hello, my name's Dee. I've joined with my 7 month old sheltie Ludo. Going to go have a look around, hope to pick up lots of tips and maybe some friends. :dogbiggrin:
    Here's Ludo.

  2. harleymom New Member

    Hi Dee,
    Your boy is beautiful!! He is going to have an huge, wonderful coat. Shelties are the best. I may be a little biased, I have 3 shelties, Skylar, Caedin, and Harley. Harley is 11 months, cute as can be but a real handful. He learns so quickly.

    I look forward to getting to know you and Ludo.

  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Welcome to the site Dee! Your dog is so fluffy!!! :D Looks like he just came home from the groomer! ;)
  4. dilkara New Member

    Hehe, Only my own fair hands. We've yet to visit the groomer, wonder what he'll think of it. :dogtongue2:

    Thanks for the welcome.
  5. codysolo Experienced Member

    Hi Dee thanks for pointing me in the direction of this site it is fantastic :D

    Ludo is looking stunning as ever

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