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    Hi, My name is Janis and my pups name is Spyder. Spyder is my 2nd Border Collie. My other one does agility and had many titles. But, with Spyder, I am starting with tricks and will start agility with him when he is older. Right now I am taking a tricks class and so far Spyder can sit, stay, down, turn around, almost weave in my legs, backs up. Right now we are giving a try at 'bow', but no seccess. I am luring him into postion, by using a treat and then C/T (click and treat) when he is in position. But it has been 4 days now and he stll doesnt get it. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

    Thnaks for letting us join, Janis

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    Welcome!!!! Yet another BC owner to our group.

    It may seem like your BC learns everything soooo quickly, and then you'll find one that stumps him. From your pics, Spyder's still young. Bow may take a little longer, but if he's consistently luring into the position, then just stick to it! He's going to have trouble with some tricks. That's normal. My BC had greeeat difficulty with "Boo!" (laying down and covering face), which is not at all a hard trick but she just didn't get it. And distance work too forever too. A few days ago, it finally just clicked that, "Hey, I'm supposed to stay here and do my tricks, not come to her to do my tricks." If he's doing well with it, then just keep practicing. He'll catch on soon enough. :)
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    Hello Janis and Spyder! :) Border Collies are AWESOME dogs! We're new here in this forum too (but not new to the dog related things:))! :) My name is Lexi and my dog's name is Shakti. We do agility, trick training, obedience, etc. It sounds like Spyder knows a lot of stuff. First of all, be patient and don't get discouraged. Make sure you're holding a treat in the right position. You can use your other hand to mold his body (by putting it on his back) and help him understand what bowing means. :) You can also use another object to put under his belly (so the butt stays up :)) and lure his head down with a treat...I hope this makes sense...

    GOOD LUCK! :)

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