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Hello everyone! I'm Jessica and I just got a puppy, her name is Bailey and she just turned 3 months old tuesday the 26th. She is a lab pit mix we believe and she is wonderful. Has just learned about barking when people come to the house. It's quite cute actually. She is learning to lie down and can sit....stay is proving to be the hardest one. Well, im not sure what else to say. So have a good day!


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Welcome Jessica! Good luck with Bailey, and be sure to check into the classrooms for helpful videos on how to teach her a variety of tricks. =)


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Teaching my dog to stay was a really hard one, and it's still not perfect. She always wants to come with me everywhere.
Build it up by steps. At first she just have to stay while you are standing close to her. And when she can do this with distractions, you can start to go a little further, move around her etc.
And reward her a lot! :msnwink: