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I have a 10 mo chocolate standard poodle. She is smart but stubborn. We are having a little trouble with training now as she has decided she won't do some commands she used to do! So I joined this forum to find some new ways to work with her.


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I have an 18 month old black standard poodle. She has been an utter joy to work with, and the easiest dog to train that I have ever owned...BUT, she does have a definite personality and mind of her own!

When she is first learning a new action, I have to be careful not to ask her to repeat it too many times. She will get bored and refuse to do it anymore. I try to mix old tricks in with the new ones in practice sessions, so that she doesn't know for sure what I will ask next. Also, if she seems to be having trouble with learning a trick, I just end the session on a successful note (I ask her for a trick that she does well) then I wait a day or two before asking for the new trick again. Nearly always, after she has had time to "think about it" she will be letter perfect!

Be careful that you aren't asking your dog to repeat tricks too often. Also, has anything happened during a training session that might have caused her discomfort or fear? Poodles are really sensitive, and maybe there is some bad association with a particular behavior. (Like doing a roll-over and knocking something noisy over).

Maybe you should just declare a moratorium on the "out of favor tricks" and then go back and try again in 2 or 3 weeks. Meanwhile, you can start some other lessons. Your dog is pretty young, be careful that you aren't asking too much, too soon. (Easy to do, because they are so smart and trainable.)

Good luck!:dogtongue2:


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Standard Poodles

I'm delighted to see that there are several others on this forum with Standard Poodles. I have two Standards (ages nearly 7 & 8) who are a joy to live with. (My last three dogs were also Standards.) Your ten-month old is still a baby and will probably tend to "forget" trained behaviors only to remember them again down the road. It sounds like you're doing the right things with your puppy so my suggestion is just continue to be persistent and patient in your training.