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Hello out there..

Im new to this site..and looking forward to any insight re: my dog...his name is Buster. He's 5years old..part Staffordshire/Dalmation. He's super smart! We got him from the shelter when he was 18 months old...not knowing anything about him. Well..he has 'issues' to say the least. One of which is he doesnt like kids and the other is he hates...and i mean hates when cars come in our driveway!..He has actually punctured a tire! We have people call us to let us know they are coming in order for us to put our dog away...its so strange, because once they are here...he's fine! I would love to hear from anyone that can help..



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Awww, Staffie/Dalmation! xD Interesting. Welcome to the Academy! I would suggest posting about your problem in the Behavior Problems forum, where it will get much more attention. Everyone here is very helpful and you should get many different responses. =) As for me, I would need more info before giving you any advice. :dogsmile:


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yes...he really did bite the tire...put an actual hole in it...by the time our guests left, they had a flat tire!:dogsad: