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Hi my name is Rachel. I currently am owned by dogs, an Aust. Cattle Dog (Ursa Blue) and a Shelter Mix (Max). Ursa is the one who I train, as Max is my Dad's dog and he has different ideas about training methods. Ursa is 8 and Max is aprox. 2. Ursa and I are members of 4H, and occasionally compete in shows (Jr. Showmanship, Obedience, Agility). We hope to get more into agility as we are almost in the top level of 4H agility. As for tricks, I simply love them. I try to teach Ursa as many tricks as her little mind can hold. I am also a true believer in clickers, they've done so much for us, not just in training sessions but in real life too. At the moment Ursa probably knows about 20-30 tricks, but I just want more... :dogblush:
I also enjoy horseback riding, running, drawing/painting and cooking.

See ya Soon :dogbiggrin:


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No, I'm from the United States. I only have one pic of my cattle dog uploaded to the internet, but the forum won't let me post it until I post 10 times (I've got some talking to do :dogbiggrin:) Thanks for saying hi.


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The clicker really is a useful thing, I think it is the most useful dog training thing I have ever seen.
Try to teach your dog to think! :) Do a lot of shaping, this is the best thing the clicker is for! :D