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Hello all!
My name is Michelle and I am the proud mummy of a 9year old kelpie called Lilly and a 6month old Malteese x Caviler King Charles called Misty Mae.

Lilly knows how to do the basics such as sit, stay, come and heal and also knows how to heal without a lead, fetch, shake hands, High 5 and High 10. That is the furthest we ever got with her and we would like Misty to know more.

Misty Mae went to puppy school where she learnt to come, sit, stay, drop and stand. As we live in a small country town ( i had to travel an hour each way one day a week for four weeks to take her to puppy school!) there are no obediance classes or anything simular for me to take her to which makes it hard.

What also makes it dificult is she has food allergies:dogblink:! She is on a special diet at the moment to hopefully work out exactly what she is allergic to. We think it is red meat. She is only allowed one type of bikkies and NO other food at all. It has been VERY hard as before we discovered her allergies she was the most spolied dog! I try to use the bikkies as rewards but they are quite large and they take ages for her to chew up one!! oh well:dogtongue2:

I am glad to have come across this site so hopefully soon she will know more tricks!

Michelle xx

Jean Cote

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Hi mistymae!!! :welcome: to the website - I'm sure that you will find many new things to train and work with your dog on this website. It's not 100% finished yet but I'm working on it all the time!

I hope you find some good dog treats you can use with your dog in the near future.. Maybe kibble might even work? :msngrin:

Well have fun! P.S. you'll save on training classes by training your dogs yourself!! :msnhugegrin: