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Hello i wanted to say hi to everyone. and to tell ya that i am new to this site. I just got in a beagle free and he loves to jump on me does any one know how to get him to stop jumping on me and my 2 year old?:msnblushing:


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welcome welcome.

discourage jumping by turning away (facing the way the dog is)... (of course this is hard to teach your 2 year old to do!)...

keep turning away until the dog gives up.. don't yell, or shriek or knee him (although usually I have seen 2-3 flips - on carpet or soft grass PLEASE - which takes fortitude and is not without risk cure he behavior, please don't start with that. or continue it).

Also you can have a toy or food of high value to the dog, and show him - with your hand sliding down your leg (As your back is to him) - that you have it in a fist. and use it to lure him into a sit. then turn, face him and be sure he holds the sit - at first he will only if you keep the food over his head... then give him a piece.

Step back, still facing him... bring your hands together at your waist - with food/treat in one, saying "name come" - if he launches, turn and repeat. If he comes but does not sit, lure him in to a sit gently and be happy voiced with praise as you give him the biscuit.

be patient.

good luck!


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Hi everyone I'm new to this I have a new dog and his name is Jasper he is a lab & golden retriever mix and full of fun