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:dogunsure: Where to start... I'm a proud owner of a well behaved 5 month old dachshund/germanshiphered mix puppy named "Mochachoc latte" you know like the song, but with out the Yaya. Mocha, goes to work with me everyday and is rearly out of my site; I work at a kennel and she likes being part of the Day Care. The reason for me being here is because, I want to improve my ability to train my own dog more then just to obey, but to learn tricks as well; being a professional handler/kennel tech soon groomer and looking in to being a professional dog trainner. :dogwub: So, far I've been studing books going to other web sites and having fun learning to do more what I like and enjoy doing. I know what my goals are and what I want to atchive. Since, I got Mocha my training has been defferent then any of my past dogs. I've never used a crait before do to the fact that they were all to big to be inside dogs and that Mocha came from a Germanshipherd she is the size of a full grown Dachshund and looks full blood. Do to her size the crait has been really helpful to me in house train and I've found it useful to correct disstuctive behavior. :dogsmile:

PS. Although Mocha is the only pat that I clam... We live with 2 cats (Mocha only get along with one of them)and my Dad's 1yr old Lad/Bloodhound mix Tapanga is 5x bigger then Mocha and its funny to watch them play, but Tapanga is to rough for my littel dog. :dogohmy: