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I adopted a german shepherd (Fiona), it's been great having her around the house, but it's been soo hard to train her to pee outside. I walk her at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm but she just don't get it, she doesn't pee when I walk her, she only poops. I thought of restraining her water drinkig but she usually drinks a lot of water which makes me think she might dehydrate. But she pees anywhere, even in her crate! I have her wear a diper most of the time.She is 5 months old. Any one got some advice?:dogtongue2:


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By 'walk' how long do you mean? I'm assuming she gets more than two chances through-out the day...

I have a 4 month old Standard Poodle who also drinks a ton of water, and I take her out every few hours. A general rule of thumb is to take them out at least once for every # hours, where # = their age in months. So a 5 m/o should go out at least every 5 hours, unless they are sleeping.

Does she purposely wait until you come back inside, then pee right away? Or does she just go randomly?

How much time during the day do you spend with her? If possible, keep her on a leash with you 24/7 untill you can read her body language and get her out the door as she is about to pee. Praise her however she likes the most - petting, verbal, food, toys... high-energy or mellow, depending on her personality.
I'd recommend putting it command as it'll be much easier in the long run.

At this point, if you see her about to go (even in the house), I'd give the command and praise afterward, but get her outside to finish... personally, if I had a dog that refused to pee outside I'd 'let' them go inside, but only until they realized that the peeing itself wouldn't get them in trouble, and they start to associate a command with the behavior to understand the cue when we go outside...

The command I use for my pup is 'better hurry', but some people use 'better go now', 'go potty', 'do your business'... I met some one who says 'make me proud' :D

Good luck!


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Potty Training

Welcome to the forum. I agree with yoyo. The first thing I would do is start taking her out often, every couple of hours, until she gets the idea that she is supposed to pee outside. If she doesn't pee while you are outside put her in her crate. In fifteen to twenty minutes try again. If she doesn't pee back to the crate. Eventually they learn that peeing earns them freedom and playtime. Also when she does pee outside praise her and play with her. Don't take her immediately inside or she will learn to hold it. I hope this helps. Good luck!


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Hi Bianey & Fiona:

I'm Hivin & my partner in mischief is Bailey, a 4 yr old Cocker Spaniel. It's great to meet you. Wish we had some advice for you about the house training but don't think I could say it any better than yoyopoodle already has, they always have great advice and suggestions. You'll find lots of people here that are ready and willing to help and encourage you with any questions you might have ... it's a great community.

We're looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing you in the forums.

Take care: Hivin



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I agree with everything everyone above says - she must be taken out very regularly to give her an opportunity to go - if she won't go then - try 10 minutes or so later. When she does go, use your chosen word for toileting and praise her, giving her a treat or a game. If she does go to the toilet indoors, just clear it up with no fuss, don't reprimand the pup and, if poss, clear up without her in the room.

One thing I would do - get rid of the diaper (nappy to us Brits). I didn't even know they existed for dogs! I would have thought it would condition her to use that - bit like leaving newspaper down - they'll use that instead.

I'm sure she will soon get the message.



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thank you all!!
It's great advise....
Answering some questions, I walk her for 30 min each time, and she goes aout side 4 times a day. I think she is getting the message the accidents have been reduced, in addition I added trainig pads and she is using them, which is great, she has a couple of misses but is no big deal I still prise her for looking for the training pad and trying. I noticed that she misses only when she is too exited so if she starts palying and gets too exited I just take her outside to play. I spend 3-4 hours with her playing, trainig her, she has learned that if she rolls over she will get pet, she loves it when we pet her, specially her belly, that's her weak spot, so if we are watching tv she'll just roll over next to me... I'm gald to say she is really good dog!!


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You guys have great advise!! thank you for the friendly environment, it feels great to be part of this website...