Hello, we're new, just got an Akita/lab looking for advise


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We are looking for training advise for our 11mth akita/lab, Prince is very receptive and willing to learn but we don't want to screw up a good thing. so some wise advise is more than welcomed, never trained a dog before.... by the way we got it a week ago, from our animal shelter. Was found as a stray. He seems to've been somewhat trained all ready.

Specifically, the "leave it" comand or "to stop" what ever he is doing......
also when he fetches he does not let go of his ball, we have to almost wrestle it from him.


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also when he fetches he does not let go of his ball, we have to almost wrestle it from him
Very bad in our book!!
Here I would definately use the Ignor rule.
The second he hesitates to release the ball GAME OVER!!
and he is now an outcast. Grab something and play with it loudly so he knows your having fun but do not let him join. Tell him to play with his own ball, ofcourse you playing and laughing becomes more interesting than his ball. Ask him to bring his ball to you, when he does let him know what a good boy he is, and now his ball becomes the fun item once again. Stay with it I Gaurantee if he wants to play he will learn he must give you the ball or it is no fun.
Playing the wrestling game I believe really damages your pups awareness of releasing items to you.
I wish you many years of fun and delightful memories with your new addition to your family!!


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will give it a try/ thank you. we are true novices at trainning anything but we are very exited to have this opportunity with such a great companion. :)


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I hope you have the incredible dog that we have. We have a lab akita mix and she is the best dog. It will do you good to read up on the akita breed. They are very possessive of their food, space (kennel), home and people. Ours is very aggressive at the door til we say "enough" then she is almost relieved and goes to her kennel or watches from afar. But she is very obedient and very patient with the kids, dominates the other dogs, and really doesn't care to come up to very many other adults. But when I say dominate with the dogs, she never has hurt them but she gets this look when they step out of line and a quick growl that even makes me wonder if she might. But it sure makes them behave. Ours is getting a little old and I actually doing a quick search to see what was out there and came on your note. Good luck and enjoy your great dog!!!!


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Go through the classroom part of this site. It sounds like it's right up your alley. Remember as long as you are positive, consistent, fair, and kind dogs give do-over’s. Some things take longer than others, like if you let him figure out how MUCH FUN it is to have a human chase him. So obviously don't chase your dog if he won't come. :dogwink: I do a lot of give, leave-it, trade because my dog is training to be my service dog. I don't want her to ever eat anything off the floor esp in a hospital etc to the training has to be solid. If after you go through the classroom you want some more things to work on for this just ask.

Right now the most important thing is to always trade something of higher value for whatever your dog has, don't just grab him and snatch the shoe or pencil out of his mouth. If you were to have a couple of bits of roast or chicken and put it on his nose he might just drop your shoe and then you have the opportunity to say GOOOD BOY CLEVER DOG YAY!! He'll remember those things in life where you caught him doing something right and rewarded it handsomely.

Consider a puppy class to socialize so puppy learns how to interact with other dogs politely and with self confidence throughout his life. This is a good safe place for puppy to meet other dogs in the right way and learn social skills. Being half Akita you may bump up against breed specific legislation (BSL) which is quite a hot issue these days. with bans on certain breeds (like Pits, Rotties, Dobie’s, Mastiffs) sometimes people get a certain breed of dog and no longer have home owners insurance because the company doesn't insure people with that breed or mixes of it. They may not find out until they make a claim and the adjuster visits, sees the dog, and says ur not insured. Akitas are on some of those lists so you may want to check your insurance, check where you live for any laws that apply, places you drive through where your dog may be banned. not to scare you but being informed, making sure he's well behaved and socialized will solve all problems for all breeds before they arise. If he is a wonderful loving ambassador for his breed then you've done your job very well.

Congrats on the new puppy. Enjoy

There's a neat free download at http://www.siriuspup.com/beforebook.html that you might find helpful.


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Akita lab mix

Hi I have an 11 month old female, she is about to finish her beginner training classes, but has come to a very stubborn stage. If she is outside, she wont come in when called, and when she is in the living room, she wont go to her crate. She is a very sweet dog, and has done good in training but now is just being stubborn. This week, we are not able to work with her much, as she just had spay surgery, and has the big collar on which she does not like. Any suggestions on hers stubborness?


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we got our lilypup from a rescue in january. they guessed her to be between 1 and 2 at the time, maybe closer to 1 yr. they had just spayed her at the time. anways, she's pretty submissive, and picks up on the tricks quick enough, but she had a funny couple of weeks there. like just not coming inside at the end of our walks. or going after cupcake wrappers off the street in the blink of an eye, constantly trying to sneak one past. we worked more to anticipate trouble spots, to avoid them, and give her wins - show her what we wanted as opposed to what we didn't want. with what we couldn't avoid, we went with the principle of non-reactivity. like when she wouldn't turn with us to go inside, we'd just wait. no pulling her and no following her. then it was like something clicked, and she fell in with the program with such compliance i worried she was depressed or something, lol. we're learning as much as she is when it comes to training. don't know if it can be chalked up to our approach, but it's passed... for now...


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No matter why anything works I think that if it is positive and that it did is all you need for success. :doglaugh: